Israel-Palestine conflict

First shipment of US arms lands in Israel

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday evening, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) announced that the initial shipment of US military equipment had touched down at the Nevatim Airbase in southern Israel. Nonetheless, the IDF did not disclose the specific types of weapons or military gear that were delivered. As Israel engages in conflict with Hamas, the administration […]

Challenges to critical thinking in Muslim world

On October 6, Hamas launched an unprecedented and unexpected assault on Israel, launching rockets, demolishing border fences, and killing hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians. In response, the Israeli military pounded Hamas facilities in Gaza with airstrikes. This escalation has led to casualties and extensive damage to vital infrastructure on both sides. Tragically, the death toll […]

AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi supports Palestine, Criticises Israeli aggression

Amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, Asaduddin Owaisi backs Palestine

Controversy erupts as BLM Chicago appears to back Hamas attack on Israel

Backlash mounts against BLM Chicago for apparent support of Hamas Aattack on Israel

Revealing 5 horrifying acts of violence perpetrated by Hamas

As Hamas initiated a huge attack by firing more than 5,000 rockets into Israel, fears have grown regarding the inhuman treatment inflicted upon Israeli civilians by the militants. Appalling actions involving a widespread attack on the honour of civilians, as well as incidents of stripping and parading corpses of naked Israeli women, have been revealed […]

Tales of turmoil: 21 movies about terrorism amid Israel-Palestine conflict

NEW DELHI: As the Israel-Palestine conflict continues to capture international attention, it serves as a stark reminder of the real-world implications of terrorism and terror attacks. Over the years, both Hollywood and Bollywood have explored this complex issue through the lens of cinema, creating thought-provoking and gripping films that shed light on the consequences of […]

Israel’s reply to Hamas will change the Middle East, says PM Netanyahu

NEW DELHI: With rising tensions between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday that their action in the Gaza Strip would be unparalleled and would have a transformative impact on the Middle East. In a meeting with the mayors of districts neighbouring the southern borders of the nation, […]

Viral video shows Nepal PM’s pledge to students moments before they died in Israel | Watch

NEW DELHI:¬†Footage showing Nepal’s Prime Minister Prachanda expressing condolences and guaranteeing stranded Nepali students that efforts were underway to rescue them has emerged online. This occurred just before the tragic incident in which 10 students lost their lives. ¬† In the video, he can be seen assuring the stranded students of the efforts being made […]

Biden’s barbeque amid Israel conflict sparks social media outrage

NEW DELHI: President Joe Biden is facing criticism for reportedly hosting a barbecue event for his staff at the White House amid the Hamas attack on Israel. According to a pool reporter, music was heard playing on the White House lawn, while pro-Palestine demonstrators at the gates chanted ‘Free Palestine.’ As reported by the Daily […]

American Tourists Stranded Amidst Hamas Attack on Israel

American tourists stranded in Israel