Viral video shows Nepal PM’s pledge to students moments before they died in Israel | Watch

NEW DELHI | Updated: 09 October, 2023 7:50 pm IST
10 students have already died from Nepal who had gone to the nation under the 'Lear and Earn' scheme

NEW DELHI: Footage showing Nepal’s Prime Minister Prachanda expressing condolences and guaranteeing stranded Nepali students that efforts were underway to rescue them has emerged online. This occurred just before the tragic incident in which 10 students lost their lives.
In the video, he can be seen assuring the stranded students of the efforts being made by the Nepal government to conduct a rescue operation to recover them from the conflict-torn nation. “We are putting our full efforts. I have called a cabinet meeting and we are in contact with the Nepal Embassy in Israel. We are making preparations to rescue Nepalese nationals,” said the PM to the students stuck inside bunkers.


In a tragic turn of events, 10 of the stranded students lost their lives on the same day, becoming unintended victims during a series of bombings. Additionally, 17 students are still held in captivity. According to media reports, Nepal’s Ambassador to Israel, Kanta Rijal, disclosed that the students who lost their lives were also participants in the “Learn and Earn” programme, which aimed to financially support their family members back in Nepal through both work and study.

The Nepal government has now decided to have its expatriate residents in Israel apply for repatriation amid growing violence between the Hamas militant forces and the Israeli Defence Forces. Many still remain missing, with the Israeli administration still not being able to reach out to the ones still missing in action. 

“We have requested the Israeli government to promptly identify and arrange for repatriation of the deceased Nepal nationals, as well as to ensure the rescue and appropriate medical treatment for the injured,” said the Nepal embassy in a late-night statement on Sunday. 

The process of repatriation is being made available through cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Nepal Embassy in Tel Aviv, and the Israeli government, where Nepal nationals will be asked to fill up forms and complete proper documentations.  

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