Israel-Palestine conflict

UN passes resolution for ‘immediate ceasefire’, Israel demands them to call Hamas offices

NEW DELHI: The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire along the Gaza Strip, with 153 countries supporting it with Israel being one of the nations opposing it. The Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, illustrated that until the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, surrenders all of its weapons, there […]

Israeli victims find comfort in posthumous sperm retrieval after Hamas attack

NEW DELHI: Following a devastating terror attack by Hamas in Israel, a glimmer of hope has arisen in the form of posthumous sperm retrieval (PSR), offering solace to grieving families. Earlier in the aftermath of the October 7 attacks, Professor Shir Daphne-Tekoah, a medical social worker at the Kaplan Hospital, was struck with a form […]

Israel had prior knowledge of Hamas attack plan over a year ago: Report

NEW DELHI: Around eight weeks into the conflict between Israel and Hamas, a recent report indicates that Israeli officials had received documentation outlining the planned Hamas attack a year before its occurrence. Moreover, the report suggests that the Israeli authorities dismissed the documents, considering them ‘overly ambitious’ and something deemed ‘impossible for Hamas’ to execute. […]

EXCLUSIVE | UN Women, vapid apologists of sexual Jihad, should be replaced: Israel Deputy Ambassador

On Thursday, the conflict between Israel and the terror group Hamas reached its 55th day, with both sides currently observing a ceasefire. The truce, initiated on November 24, was extended by an additional 2 days until Wednesday, as mediators advocate for a more “sustainable” cessation of hostilities. In an exclusive interview with The New Indian, […]

EXCLUSIVE | Must return to authentic peace process and UN resolutions: Palestinian envoy

NEW DELHI: On October 7, Hamas militants initiated an unprecedented attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip, resulting in approximately 1,400 casualties and over 200 hostages, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In response, Israel conducted airstrikes on Gaza and launched a ground offensive. As per the Hamas-run health ministry, the current death toll […]

EXCLUSIVE | Israel-Palestine struggling in the clutches of unseen environmental crisis: NWF VP

NEW DELHI: It has been more than a month since the conflict between Israel and Hamas erupted. Israel has conducted intense airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, resulting in the loss of several thousand lives. The objective is to eliminate Hamas militants who executed bold attacks on October 7, leading to civilian casualties and numerous hostages. […]

Joe Rogan stunned as Elon Musk jokes about Israel conflict with ‘Hummus’

Joining the controversial podcast magnate, Joe Rogan, for the fourth time on his show, the owner of X and the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, caught himself in an awkward position when the latter made a joke on the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. While talking about how Musk still remains hopeful of giving Mark Zuckerber’s Meta […]

A chilling chronicle of Hamas’ unprecedented sadism on Israel | EXCLUSIVE

NEW DELHI: In the relentless theatre of war that is the Israel-Hamas conflict, the stage is set for an appalling spectacle of violence, where the innocent becomes the hapless victim, and the world shudders at the unfolding horrors. The first incident showcased to The New Indian at Wednesday’s heart-wrenching 40-minute screening at the Israel Embassy […]

Yemen’s Houthi rebels join Israel-Hamas war with missile attacks

Yemen's Houthis declare war on Israel

Security heightened in Delhi after 4 blasts occur at Christian meeting in Kerala

New Delhi: Amid heightening communal tensions in Kerala’s Christian community, the Delhi Police has announced tightened security measures across the capital after four blasts occurred during a prayer meeting of the Christian Jehovah’s Witness community in Kochi. Four coordinated blasts have rocked Kerala, after the Christian commune hosted a prayer meet in support of Israel, […]