Israel-Palestine conflict

India’s turn to learn from Israel how to combat disinformation warfare

In an era dominated by rapid technological advancements and global interconnectedness, the nature of warfare has evolved. While traditional military conflicts still exist, a new form of warfare has emerged in recent years: disinformation warfare. This subtle, information-based form of aggression leverages the power of the internet and social media to manipulate, deceive, and sow […]

Joe Biden contemplates visit to Israel amidst impending Gaza invasion

NEW DELHI: There’s a possibility that US President Joe Biden could make a visit to Israel in the near future, despite the nation’s preparations for a potential ground incursion into Gaza. As per an anonymous senior administration source who spoke to the Associated Press on Sunday, the President of the US has not revealed any […]

Muslim boy brutally stabbed 26 times in Illinois amid Israel-Hamas conflict

A six-year-old Muslim boy was stabbed as many as 26 times by his landlord allegedly as a response to the deadly war between Israel and Hamas.

Terror strikes Israel music fest: Hamas fires at toilets to prevent survivors

Hamas Militants fires at toilet to ensure no Survivors at Israel Music Fest

Israel-Palestine conflict: Senior Hamas commander killed in wartime operations

An Israeli military statement confirmed the death of a high-ranking Hamas military leader responsible for the group’s airborne operations in Gaza City due to Israeli airstrikes on Saturday. Murad Abu Murad lost his life within the last 24 hours when military aircraft targeted a Hamas operational hub used by the group for its “airborne operations,” […]

Operation Ajay: Indian citizens thank PM Modi upon touching ground

One such Indian citizen who had been stuck at Tel Aviv shared his delight at having returned home after witnessing the turmoil in Israel NEW DELHI: As the second flight carrying 235 Indian nationals from Israel touched ground in Delhi under Operation Ajay’s evacuation efforts, the citizens projected their gratefulness to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, […]

Operation Ajay Evacuees Say Only Dead Bodies, And Debris Everywhere

The New Indian spoke to five students who had arrived from Israel on Friday morning at the Banga Bhawan in Delhi. NEW DELHI: The first batch of evacuees from Israel following Operation Ajay are unable to recover from the sight of dead bodies that they had seen strewn across Israel, as the Israel-Palestine conflict reaches […]

Students held in Hyderabad for supporting Palestine amid Hamas-Israel War

The march had been carried out by students belonging to DSO and NBS from universities across Hyderabad NEW DELHI: Students in Hyderabad, Telangana, were detained by the police for demonstrating in support of Palestinians on Friday, who are at war with Israel following unprecedented surprise attacks last Saturday which killed over 1300 Israelis. The march […]

PM Modi condemns terrorism, seeks global consensus at P20 gathering

Modi highlighted that India has been a victim to cross-border terrorism since forever, highlighting the 2001 Parliament Attacks NEW DELHI: As the world splits itself into two amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took centre stage at the inaugural of the 9th P20 Summit on Friday to condemn terrorism in “all forms”. […]

Israel vs. Hamas: A closer look at their arsenal

As the death toll surpasses 700 in Israel and 500 in Palestine, with an additional 1,000 and 5,000 people injured in both nations, respectively, we examine the armaments employed by both sides that have inflicted harm on civilians on either end. What Are The Weapons Israel Has? The Israeli military possesses modern and efficient artillery […]