AAP disagrees with High Court’s stay on bail for CM Arvind Kejriwal

| Updated: 26 June, 2024 10:02 pm IST
AAP denies allegations over Arvind Kejriwal

NEW DELHI: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has expressed its disagreement with the High Court’s decision to stay the bail granted to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal by a trial court. AAP’s Chief Spokesperson (National), Priyanka Kakkar, emphasised that the High Court issued the stay without thoroughly reviewing the trial court’s findings.

She pointed out that the trial court found no evidence linking Kejriwal to the alleged liquor scam, noting that not a single penny was recovered during the two-year investigation. She also mentioned that the court had meticulously addressed all relevant documents, excluding only the irrelevant ones.

Furthermore, she added that the entire alleged scam is fabricated and scripted by the BJP. “When you read the trial court order, it addresses all the relevant documents, leaving out only those deemed irrelevant after scrutiny,” she said.

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She further criticised the High Court for issuing the stay without having the bail order in its possession and said that the party opposes this decision and do not agree with this as the The High Court stayed the operation of the bail order before it had even reached them and also mentions that their legal team is currently deliberating on the next steps.

Kakkar reiterated that the trial court had gone through all documents exhaustively before concluding that there was no evidence linking Kejriwal to the alleged scam and no proof of any money laundering. She stressed that their legal team is considering how to proceed based on the advice received.

The AAP’s stance underscores the ongoing legal and political battle surrounding the allegations against Kejriwal, with the party firmly standing by its leader and questioning the actions of the judicial system and the central government.

The High Court’s stay order has added a layer of complexity to the case, and AAP’s response signals its intention to challenge the decision and continue defending Kejriwal against what it claims are unfounded accusations.

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