Islamism’s long-term endgame

A few days ago, Ruwa Shah granddaughter of the Jamaat-e-Islami ideologue, the late Syed Ali Shah Geelani, the hardliner separatist Hurriyat leader advertised her dissociation from her family’s ideology. The same week Sama Shabir, the elder daughter of the jailed Democratic Freedom Party founder and separatist leader Shabir Shah made a similar announcement through an […]

Self-regulated media with no regulations

If there’s a profession where quality has completely gone out of it, then it is media. It calls itself the fourth pillar of democracy but works within self-regulated guidelines. Its power can be realized from the fact there’s no Act to govern how it works similar to the Advocates Act, of 1961 which is an […]

Dangers of animal rights activism in India

In 2014, the Supreme Court’s A. Nagaraja judgment held that the tradition of Jallikattu or ‘bull jumping’ was ‘violative’ of Article 51-A(g) of the Indian Constitution, that calls for citizens to have ‘compassion’ for living creatures and effectively banned Jallikattu. “Compassion” is also the basis of the Animal Birth Control Rules, meant to ostensibly control the stray dog populations in public spaces, but ironically mandates that stray dogs remain homeless, fed and maintained, in public (and private) spaces.

Upholding media ethics: Combating obscene content

The recent move by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting to block several OTT platforms, websites, apps, and social media accounts for showcasing obscene and pornographic content reflects a commitment to uphold ethical standards in media and entertainment. Union Minister Anurag Singh Thakur’s emphasis on the platforms’ responsibility to avoid propagating obscenity under the guise […]

Pharma’s ethics revolution: Are voluntary codes enough?

The Indian pharmaceutical industry, a cornerstone of the nation’s healthcare infrastructure, has recently experienced a notable regulatory transformation with the implementation of the Uniform Code for Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices (UCPMP) by the Central Government. This move marks a significant stride towards regulating interactions between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals, underscoring a commitment to ethical conduct […]