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Know everything about sensorineural hearing loss, disorder diagnosed in singer Alka Yagnik

NEW DELHI: Renowned veteran singer Alka Yagnik recently revealed her diagnosis of a rare sensorineural hearing loss. She shared the news on her Instagram a few days ago, revealing that she suddenly felt she could not hear anything. “I want to break my silence now for all my friends and well-wishers who have been asking me […]

Harbhajan Singh gets into argument over Rajya Sabha membership on X

NEW DELHI: Rajya Sabha MP and former cricketer Harbhajan Singh, known for his outspoken nature on X (formerly Twitter), recently found himself amid another viral argument. This time, the controversy centred around his Rajya Sabha membership and his role as a commentator. The exchange began when users started trolling Harbhajan for his cricket commentary. One […]

Delhi Health Minister criticizes Health Secretary’s absence

NEW DELHI: Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj has submitted a complaint letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) regarding the extended absence of Secretary (Health) S.B. Deepak Kumar, who reportedly took leave without obtaining necessary permissions. In the letter addressed to the Ministry, Bharadwaj criticized the lack of response and action from central authorities […]

Be prepared for monsoon: Tips to stay healthy

NEW DELHI: Summers in India get hotter every year, and this year too, the heatwaves and scorching sun call for the cool showers of rain. The monsoon season is soon to arrive in North India, though in some parts it has already begun. July is the month when the rainy season spreads across the country. […]

International Picnic Day: Recall your childhood and plan one

NEW DELHI: Remember going out with your friends and family to a nice park with a picnic mat, basket, and amazing snacks? Sounds nostalgic, doesn’t it? Taken over by technology and mobile phones, when was the last time you planned a picnic and made it happen? Can’t remember? Then today is the perfect day to […]

Viral video of woman smoking with baby sparks outrage

NEW DELHI: Daily social media trends and reels go viral, prompting others to follow. Social media users and so-called influencers constantly come up with ideas to gain easy fame. It is increasingly challenging to gain the limelight, sometimes leading users to engage in harmful activities. In a recent viral video, a woman, allegedly holding her […]

Rail Minister urges ‘train Kavach’ after accident that left 15 dead

NEW DELHI: In the recent rail accident that took place on Monday, June 17, at least 15 passengers were killed and 60 injured. The accident occurred in West Bengal’s Darjeeling district when three coaches of the Sealdah-bound Kanchanjunga Express derailed after being struck by a goods train. The incident involved the goods train hitting the […]

RSS leader clarifies controversial remarks on BJP’s Lok Sabha performance

NEW DELHI: Indresh Kumar, the RSS leader, has attempted to clarify his statements after passing critical remarks about the BJP’s performance in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He subsequently changed his views, claiming that the election results show the success of those who honour Lord Ram and the defeat of those who reject him. On […]

Robotic heart surgery: Future of cardiac care in India

NEW DELHI: The advent of robotic technology in surgical procedures is revolutionising cardiac care in India. First introduced in Chennai five years ago, robotic heart surgery is now making significant strides across the country. Traditional open-heart surgery requires a 14 cm incision, whereas robotic surgery only needs a 4 cm cut, utilizing high magnification for […]

Apollo Hospital introduces minimal invasive Robotic cardiac surgery

NEW DELHI: Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi held a press conference on Friday, June 14, to introduce sophisticated robotic cardiac surgery. The event was to address the benefits and applications of robotics and minimally invasive heart surgery (MIHS) among patients, as well as to raise public awareness of technical breakthroughs and their future. The […]

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