PM Modi condemns terrorism, seeks global consensus at P20 gathering

NEW DELHI | Updated: 13 October, 2023 1:21 pm IST
PM Modi is slated to address the party workers in Kerala in January

Modi highlighted that India has been a victim to cross-border terrorism since forever, highlighting the 2001 Parliament Attacks

NEW DELHI: As the world splits itself into two amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took centre stage at the inaugural of the 9th P20 Summit on Friday to condemn terrorism in “all forms”.

“All forms of terrorism is a crime against humanity,” Modi said.

He highlighted that India had been victim to such forms of terrorism through the many pages of its history, stating that “cross-border terrorism” has resulted in the deaths of a thousand innocents.

“Cross-border terrorism has resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocents. Even our very own parliament was attacked by terrorists 20 years ago and it will shock you that it was still in session,” he remarked.


Emphasising that India had achieved its peak even after experiencing many brushes with cross-border terrorism, he said, “The terrorists had planned to attack the parliament, and numerous other such attacks have happened through history, but India emerged unscathed.”

Underscoring this matter, the Indian Prime Minister implored the countries in the audience to acknowledge terrorism as a common threat that impacts everyone.

He stated, “Any form of terrorism, no matter how, no matter where, no matter the reason why, will always be against the cause of humanity,” he said.

On the other hand, he also highlighted the need for international consensus with regard to the aspects of terrorism, stating that the inability to reach a consensus “is tragic”.


He said, “International Convention on Combating Terrorism at the UN has still not reached consensus with a few countries declining to sign the charter. This is tragic. We have to become one family and take action against terror, no matter where it happens.”

He also mentioned that it is this absence of agreement that terrorist organisations worldwide exploit to further their influence and expand their reach.

Modi made these remarks before an audience representing all G20 nations, including Japan, the US, France, and others, at what he referred to as the “mahakumbh (grand) of parliamentary practices of the world.”

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