Pakistan’s frustration: Reason behind rising terror attacks in Jammu

BJP National General Secretary Tarun Chugh, who also serves as the party's In-Charge for J&K and Ladakh, stated on June 14 that Pakistan's ISI is unsettled by the peaceful conduct of the Lok Sabha elections in J&K. He added that in response to this frustration, Pakistani agencies have infiltrated terrorists to disrupt peace in the region.

Pakistan’s polls 2024: Nawaz Sharif vs. Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari and its impact on India

NEW DELHI: Pakistan just concluded its 12th national general elections on Thursday, February 8, to select a new government, amidst numerous crises in the nuclear-armed nation with a population of 241 million. According to The News, Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz is expected to lead as the largest party, with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s Pakistan […]

Parliament panel urges action against terrorism in Pakistan

The Committee on External Affairs of the 17th Lok Sabha, chaired by PP Chaudhary, presented its 28th report on 'Countering Global Terrorism at Regional and International Levels' on Monday.

Houthis pledge further Red Sea attacks after 3rd round of US-UK airstrikes in Yemen

NEW DELHI: On Saturday night, a new round of airstrikes by the US and UK targeted 36 Houthi sites in Yemen. In response, the militant group pledged to persist in their assaults on commercial shipping in the Red Sea. Six additional nations, including Canada, the Netherlands, and Bahrain, joined in backing the attack. According to […]

Explained: How true is South Africa’s genocide claim against Israel in Gaza war?

NEW DELHI: In the quiet halls of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the world awaited a landmark ruling in the case South Africa had brought against Israel over alleged genocidal acts in Gaza. The courtroom buzzed with anticipation, as this case stirred global interest and put the spotlight on the age-old conflict in the […]

Indian Army launches Operation Sarvashakti against Pak-sponsored terrorists in J&K

SRINAGAR: The Indian Army is set to initiate ‘Operation Sarvashakti’ to counter Pakistani-sponsored terrorists in the Jammu and Kashmir region. The operation will target terrorists functioning on both sides of the Pir Panjal mountain ranges. Reports indicate that terrorist groups supported by Pakistan have been attempting to revive terrorism in the South of Pir Panjal ranges, […]

Netanyahu clarifies: No intention to remove Gaza’s population | Watch

 NEW DELHI: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Wednesday evening that Israel has no plans to permanently control Gaza or force its civilian population to leave. This comes in response to demands from hard-right ministers to reestablish Israeli settlements in the region and promote the emigration of Palestinians, which Netanyahu rejected. The PM shared […]

PM Modi-led govt to continue adopting zero-tolerance approach against terrorism: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister chaired a review meeting on the security situation of the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, in the wake of the recent terror attack in Rajouri

3 months in: Is there a clear winner in Israel-Hamas war yet?

NEW DELHI: As the Israel-Hamas conflict stretches into its third month, the complex interplay of military strategies, regional dynamics, and international opinions paints a shifting portrait of the war’s winners and losers. While the toll on human lives, particularly in Gaza, is undeniably tragic, analysing the strategic landscape provides insight into who may be gaining […]

NIA raids in Maharashtra, Karnataka lead to arrests of 13 in ISIS terror conspiracy

NEW DELHI: On Saturday, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) apprehended 13 individuals in Pune, Maharashtra, in connection with an ISIS terrorism conspiracy case. The arrests followed raids at 44 locations in Maharashtra and Karnataka, reflecting the agency’s robust efforts in counter-terrorism. The case is intricately linked to a global ISIS conspiracy, emphasising the heightened threat […]