NIA raids in Maharashtra, Karnataka lead to arrests of 13 in ISIS terror conspiracy

NEW DELHI | Updated: 09 December, 2023 1:57 pm IST
NIA apprehended 13 individuals in Pune, Maharashtra, in connection with an ISIS terrorism conspiracy case.

NEW DELHI: On Saturday, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) apprehended 13 individuals in Pune, Maharashtra, in connection with an ISIS terrorism conspiracy case. The arrests followed raids at 44 locations in Maharashtra and Karnataka, reflecting the agency’s robust efforts in counter-terrorism.

The case is intricately linked to a global ISIS conspiracy, emphasising the heightened threat of terrorism in India. NIA investigators meticulously examined sites in Karnataka (1), Pune (2), Thane Rural (31), Thane city (9), and Bhayandar (1). The collaborative raids between the NIA and the police forces of Maharashtra and Karnataka underscore the coordinated approach to tackling terrorism at a regional level.

The arrested individuals were part of a criminal conspiracy, aligning themselves with the violent extremist ideologies of banned terrorist organisations like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, thereby forming a dangerous terrorist gang.

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ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, remains a formidable global threat with its objective of establishing a Caliphate. The group’s orchestrations of terrorist activities transcend borders, with India being a significant target. Operating on a radical interpretation of Islam, ISIS uses violence as a means to achieve its political and religious objectives, necessitating a comprehensive and collaborative international effort to counteract its impact on global security.

The ongoing efforts involve intelligence sharing, robust counter-terrorism measures, and diplomatic initiatives to address the root causes of extremism, ensuring a holistic approach to combating the multifaceted threat posed by ISIS.

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