Joe Rogan stunned as Elon Musk jokes about Israel conflict with ‘Hummus’

| Updated: 02 November, 2023 9:16 pm IST
Joe Rogan and Elon Musk have caught themselves underfire once again

Joining the controversial podcast magnate, Joe Rogan, for the fourth time on his show, the owner of X and the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, caught himself in an awkward position when the latter made a joke on the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

While talking about how Musk still remains hopeful of giving Mark Zuckerber’s Meta a competition of a lifetime, he narrated that one of its products, the revolutionary Facebook, will consequently, lead to a full-scale zombie apocalypse. However, the fairly innocent conversation took a turn for the nefarious when they started conversing about the conflict.

When Rogan started speaking about how the New York Times had made some egregious errors in covering the conflict, Musk butted in and mimicked Rogan when he pronounced the militant outfit’s name “Hamas”.

“Well, unfortunately, they make some grave errors. Like that Hamas bombing the -” said the podcaster, in response to which, Musk replied with “Hummus”, the Middle-Eastern dip to dump pita bread in.

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The awkwardness was only heightened when the SpaceX founder went on to talk about ‘chickpeas’ that serve as an accompaniment in a usual Middle-Eastern spread.

“I think we should just cut off chickpea exports,” Mr Musk then said through his laughter, “That’ll bring them to their knees right away. What are you gonna do, take a chip and dip it in nothing?”

To shift the subject in its entirety, Rogan tried talking about pizzas that had to be delivered to them. “What we need to do is introduce them to pineapple and anchovy pizza,” Rogan said in an attempt to change the subject to the pizza they had ordered. Musk exclaimed: “I hope that’s coming!”

Earlier, Musk had come under heavy fire from the global West when he declared that Starlink would be providing services in the Gaza Strip. Allegations were raised that the militant outfit Hamas would start using it to terrorise the Israelis. However, Musk had reassured the naysayers that the connectivity tool would only be used for humanitarian reasons.

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