American Tourists Stranded Amidst Hamas Attack on Israel

American tourists stranded in Israel

NEW DELHI | Updated: 09 October, 2023 1:53 pm IST
Indian national in Israel condemned the position of the political parties in India who vowed their support for Palestine but did not mention Israel

NEW DELHI: Amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, four Americans have reportedly lost their lives, with others stranded and seeking refuge. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that the US is diligently working to confirm reports of both casualties and missing Americans.


People who have fled the intensifying conflict are now stuck in Israel, making frantic efforts to depart the country. At Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, a significant influx of passengers in search of flights out of the region was witnessed, with chaotic scenes reported by some. Alan Goldfarb from New Jersey shared his ordeal, recounting a chaotic four-hour trek to reach the airport gate.

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Alan, who is now in a bomb shelter in his hotel, expressing relief at securing one of the last available seats on a flight back home, told CBS New York,  “I’m just sorry I wasn’t able to experience more of the country, but I’m safe.”


Another traveller, Lauri Bader from New Jersey, narrated the sudden shift in the atmosphere. She described a peaceful day turning chaotic when a morning siren prompted everyone to seek refuge in a safe room or bomb shelter.


Lauri, who spent a day in her hotel’s bomb shelter, reflecting on the turmoil and the distressing situation faced by the locals, said, “It’s been very tumultuous, very unsettling, very upsetting, obviously. I’m not so much worried about my own safety because I’m in the safety of a hotel, but I am worried about the Israelis and what they’re going through right now.”

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An Israeli authority verified that people from the US are among those being held as hostages by Hamas militants in Gaza. With the ongoing conflict, Hamas fighters managed to enter Israeli communities and fired missiles, leading to casualties on both sides. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterised the attack as “murderous” during his statement to the media.

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