Safe Passage To Indians Top Priority, Foreign Secy Shringla Directs Envoys In Conflict Zone

| Updated: 02 March, 2022 12:13 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla today said no Indian is in Kyiv, the capital of besieged state Ukraine. So far the Indian government is concerned, all the Indian nationals have left Kyiv by now. But a huge crowd is said to be waiting in the western part of Ukraine. Indian authorities earlier repeatedly requested to stranded Indians to move to Western part of Ukriane.

While speaking at the Press briefing of Ministry of External Affairs today, Foreign Secretary Shringla said, “at least 26 flights will takeoff from India in next 3 days to evacuate stranded Indians from the neighbouring states of Ukriane.”

Spekaing to The New Indian, an official from MEA said that India has sent aid worth 2 ton today. The second consignment of aid will reach to war-torn Ukriane via Poland. The second consignment will include blankets, surgical gloves, solar lamps, sleeping mats.

Photo: The New Indian

“Over the next 3 days, 26 flights have been scheduled to bring back Indian citizens apart from Bucharest and Budapest. Airports in Poland and Slovak will also be used,” Shringla added.

The C-17  aircraft of Indian Air Force will leave for Romania at 4 am tomorrow to bring back the Indian citizens from Ukraine. From the Indian Air Force sources, it is learnt that the C-17 aircraft will take off from Hindon base.

Foreign Secretary said today he spoke with the Indian diplomats in the conflict zone. Over the telephonic conversation, he emphasized protection of stranded Indians and urgent safe passage for the stranded Indians in Kharkiv and conflict zone in Ukriane.

25 senior officials from the government are assigned to visit the neighborhood states of Ukraine to facilitate sage evacuation of Indian nationals.

“It’s a fluid situation. We are finding best possible options. Being in conflict zone there are confusions also,” Shringla said.

Speaking to the reporters, Shringla said, “Our embassy in Ukraine has opened an office in Lviv. Lviv will give easy access to the border. On the other side of the border, our ambassadors are waiting to facilitate them.”

“Prime Minister today has spoken to President of Poland. He has received calls from the President of France and President of the European Union,” he said.

When asked whether the mortal remains of Naveen Shekharappa Gyanagoudar will be brought back to Shringla said that the government is in talks with local authorities to bring back the mortal remains of Naveen.

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