Russia-Ukraine war

Who is Tucker Carlson and why did Putin talk to him?

NEW DELHI: Tucker Carlson, a polarising figure in American media circles, recently sat down for an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At 54, Carlson made history as the first Western journalist to have such a conversation with Putin since Russia’s involvement in Ukraine nearly two years ago. But who exactly is Tucker Carlson, and […]

What is cipher case leading to Imran Khan’s 10-year jail term?

NEW DELHI: In a stunning turn of events, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and ex-Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi found themselves sentenced to 10 years in jail by a special court on Tuesday. The conviction was a result of the cipher case, a saga rooted in the disclosure of a classified cable sent to […]

Why have farmers in France and Europe taken to streets in protest?

NEW DELHI: In a defiant display of discontent, French farmers have blockaded major highways leading to Paris, bringing attention to a myriad of issues that have fuelled their frustrations. Despite recent government measures, the agricultural producers are resolute in their demands for fair compensation and relief from what they perceive as stifling environmental regulations. As […]

LGBTQ activists labeled ‘Extremists’ by Russian Supreme Court, Google fined

A Russian court has slapped Alphabet’s Google with a hefty fine of 4.6 billion roubles ($50.84 million) for its alleged failure to remove what the authorities label as “fake” information regarding the conflict in Ukraine, among other contentious topics. This move comes amid an ongoing dispute between Russia and various foreign technology companies, with tensions […]

Russia considers extraditing Nazi veteran honoured in Canadian Parliament

The 98-year-old war veteran who served in the SS Division 'Galicia' received a standing ovation in the Canadian House of Commons on September 22, leading to an international controversy.

Delhi G20 statement signals US shift on Ukraine

With the deterioration of the United Nations, the G20 is slowly becoming the vehicle of choice for a section of the developed world. While the UN still retains some of its traditional appeal as a global forum where crucial decisions are made (read bought or sold), the heavily west-tilted institution’s progressive irrelevance on the face […]

Ukraine loses 14% of troops in war as Russia counteroffensive falters

The high casualties, coupled with Ukrainian troops’ inability to breach Russian defence lines, have set the panic alarm ringing in Washington and European capitals

Medics’ dilemma: Face abuse in Ukraine or lose MBBS degree

Indian students says they face discrimination and abuse at the hands of Ukrainian citizens

Ukraine commander forces women soldiers: sex or husband to fight Russians

Ukrainian army has been accused of widespread corruption and sexual harassment of women soldiers

WATCH | French Riots, Frexit, Russia-Ukraine war, Radicalism | Interview | George Kuzmanovic | Aarti Tikoo

George Kuzmanovic, a French politician, veteran, and reserve officer, has been actively involved in politics. He promptly joined the Left Party upon its establishment and served as a member of its national office. Later, he aligned himself with La France insoumise and played a significant role as an advisor to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, focusing on international […]