Biden attributes ‘Xenophobia’ to economic woes in India, China, Japan

NEW DELHI: US President Joe Biden has made a bold statement attributing the economic struggles of India, China, and Japan to ‘xenophobia’. Speaking at a fundraising event in Washington for his 2024 re-election campaign, Biden stated that these countries are economically stalling because “they’re xenophobic” and “don’t want immigrants”. Biden argued that migration is beneficial […]

Saudi Arabia’s BRICS membership officially activated

NEW DELHI: After receiving expansion invitations at the 2023 annual summit, Saudi Arabia is now confirmed to become a member of the BRICS alliance. South Africa’s Foreign Minister, Naledi Pandor, has officially announced the inclusion of Saudi Arabia and the four other invited nations. At the beginning of 2024, questions surfaced about Saudi Arabia’s position […]

BRICS membership cure-all for Egypt’s economic woes? Cairo expert explains

NEW DELHI: The BRICS group, a crucial platform for emerging markets and developing nations, has formally embraced five additional members: Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and the UAE. Their inclusion became effective on January 1, 2024, signifying a noteworthy expansion for the coalition initially established by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. This expansion […]

U.S. & UK launch strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen

The strikes, conducted from both air and sea, come in response to the Houthi movement's attacks on ships and represent a regional expansion of the conflict beyond the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

Sweden braces for unthinkable as Russian storm gathers on horizon

NEW DELHI: In an unprecedented move, Swedish officials have issued a stark warning to their citizens, urging them to be more prepared than ever for the looming spectre of war. This unsettling advisory comes in the wake of Sweden and Finland’s decision, in May 2022, to align themselves with NATO in response to Russia’s invasion […]

BRICS gains traction: 30 countries express willingness to join in 2024, says Russia

NEW DELHI: On January 1, 2024, BRICS welcomed five new nations into its fold, namely Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Iran, and Ethiopia. Despite receiving an invitation in August of the previous year, Argentina opted not to join BRICS. With these additions, BRICS has expanded to a 10-member bloc now. Further expansion is anticipated at […]

Putin had ordered right-hand man to kill Wagner chief: Reports

NEW DELHI: According to reports, Russian Premier Vladimir Putin had ordered his right-hand man, Security Council’s Nikolai Patrushev to assassinate Wagner mercenary group leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin. According to reports accessed by the media, the information was released by Western intelligence units as well as a former Russian officer. Prigozhin was killed in August, alongside his compatriots, […]

India and the UNSC Expansion

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), established in 1945, stands as one of the six principal bodies of the United Nations. Its powers, outlined in the United Nations Charter, include the establishment of peacekeeping operations, implementation of international sanctions, and authorization of military actions. Notably, the UNSC is the sole UN entity with the authority […]

Are BRICS nations eyeing common currency in 2024?

NEW DELHI: The world’s economic stage stands at the brink of a significant transformation, as the BRICS nations consider introducing a groundbreaking currency in 2024. This potential move signifies a crucial milestone in the bloc’s efforts to reduce reliance on the US dollar, sparking intense discussions among experts and analysts. The addition of five new […]

Ukrainian orthodox Christians observe Christmas in December for the first time

NEW DELHI: Ukraine’s legislative move to shift its official Christmas holiday from January 7 to December 25 marks a strategic divergence from the Russian Orthodox Church’s customs, aligned with Russia’s traditions. The war-torn country is shifting from its invaders’ tradition, getting closer to its western ally. The bill, passed by Ukraine’s parliament and signed into […]