Explainer: All you need to know about Bangladesh polls, politics

NEW DELHI: Bangladesh’s next general election will be held on January 7, 2024, Chief Election Commissioner, Kazi Habibul Awa announced amidst the ongoing and intense protests from Opposition parties calling for the resignation of the prime minister. Currently, Bangladesh is experiencing a surge of protests and controversies, both domestically and internationally. One of the prominent […]

Pakistan seeks BRICS membership, submits application for 2024

NEW DELHI: Pakistan’s recently appointed Ambassador to Russia, Muhammad Khalid Jamali, revealed during a recent interview that Pakistan has submitted a membership application to join the BRICS group of nations in 2024. This information was reported by the Russian news agency TASS. Originally formed in 2010, the BRICS union comprised Brazil, Russia, India, China, and […]

Mob attack on Russian airport targets Jews aboard flight from Israel

One protester could be seen in the videos holding a sign that read: "Child killers have no place in Dagestan."

Putin suffers cardiac arrest: Kremlin sources

These claims were made by a Telegram channel which is allegedly run by a Kremlin insider NEW DELHI: According to a Telegram channel called “General SVR”, which is reportedly run by a Kremlin insider, revealed that Russian president Vladimir Putin suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday evening. The channel stated that the Kremlin’s security personnel […]

Revisionist Russia fuelling war in Middle East: Eurasia Chairman Cliff Kupchan | EXCLUSIVE

Israel and Hamas are currently engaged in a conflict following surprise cross-border raids by the Palestinian militant group from Gaza. These raids resulted in over 1,400 casualties and hostage situations. In response, Israel conducted extensive airstrikes in the territory, according to Palestinian authorities, resulting in thousands of casualties. The situation has left many residents in […]

Russia extends helping hand with 27 tonnes of aid for Gaza

Russia has sent 27 tonnes of humanitarian aid for the civilians in Gaza.

Caucasus and Zangezur corridor is back in game

The recent events around Nagorno Karabakh need a closer look. My last article in The New Indian did try to provide a brief background and outline, of the recent Azeri-Armenian conflict over this hill region; it also mentioned that Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan – who is a result of an orchestrated colour revolution – is so hopelessly pro-West […]

Russia considers extraditing Nazi veteran honoured in Canadian Parliament

The 98-year-old war veteran who served in the SS Division 'Galicia' received a standing ovation in the Canadian House of Commons on September 22, leading to an international controversy.

India has finally arrived, but what took it so long?

NEW DELHI: The results of India’s changed approach towards international relations and diplomacy are becoming gradually visible now. I have to admit, that as someone banking on the Cold War era conflicts and politics to create a workable understanding about global realpolitik, I have traditionally been fairly sceptical about India’s approach towards the international arena. […]

Delhi G20 statement signals US shift on Ukraine

With the deterioration of the United Nations, the G20 is slowly becoming the vehicle of choice for a section of the developed world. While the UN still retains some of its traditional appeal as a global forum where crucial decisions are made (read bought or sold), the heavily west-tilted institution’s progressive irrelevance on the face […]