G20 leaders warn Russia, China & Pakistan against border aggression

NEW DELHI: In a strong message aimed at Russia, China, and Pakistan, leaders of G20 on Saturday warned countries against misadventures for forcibly occupying territories of other nations. In their declaration, PM Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden and other leaders refrained from condemning Russia for invading Ukraine last year, but called for upholding the UN […]

Ukraine loses 14% of troops in war as Russia counteroffensive falters

The high casualties, coupled with Ukrainian troops’ inability to breach Russian defence lines, have set the panic alarm ringing in Washington and European capitals

Limited BRICS expansion suits India’s interests, for now

While India wants a multi-polar world, China might prefer a large anti-West forum.

Three theories floating around Wagner chief’s death

Russia watchers say Prigozhin may re-appear like he did after ‘death’ in 2019

World leaders congratulate India for lunar leap

Presidents of 11 countries from across the world rushed to congratulate Indian people and ISRO for the Chandrayaan-3 success

Wagner boss, 9 others dead in Russia plane crash

Netizens infer that Russian President Vladimir Putin could be behind the crash of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s plane for revolting against him

Wagner boss in Niger? Prigozhin releases first video after failed coup

As part of the peace pact, the Wagner boss and his mercenaries were moved to Belarus

Sanctions failed? Russia got richer as US, Europe suffered in 2022

The number of Russian millionaires and ultra-super rich also grew in this period

Coming of Afro-Eurasian destabilization

The US appears poised to exploit destabilization across Europe, Asia, and Africa once again

Brazil set to import record amount of Russian fuel

The import of Russian energy by Brazil could further negate the import ban imposed by the EU