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Exc: Twitter suspends ‘verified’ handle of Bangladesh PM Hasina

Former aide says Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina does not have an account, page or handle on social media, including Twitter

Russia won’t use nuclear weapon in Ukraine: Russian envoy Alipov

The Russian envoy also said that Russia will closely examine any diplomatic solution that India offers to end the Ukraine conflict

Architect of Kargil war, fugitive Pakistani President Pervez Mushrarraf no more

His tenure as Pakistani PM carried the taint of various controversies and misadventures.

Egyptian strategic expert proposes I2U2 to induct Egypt

India, Egypt are both civilisational states with distinct national identities, says an Egyptian expert

Egypt is force multiplier for India: Egyptian strategic expert

Egypt viable for India’s defence manufacturing; Gateway to Africa, West Asia markets, says expert

EXC: Why is Jacinda Ardern stepping down

A former poll campaigner for Jacinda Ardern says the outgoing New Zealand PM’s attempt to juggle too many things resulted in the mishandling of issues

Taiwan to navigate Indo-Pacific beyond security

Constantly under threat by China’s provocative moves, an anxious Taipei is contemplating ways to capitalise on the Indo-Pacific doctrine politically, economically and strategically

‘Not enough in the tank’: New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern steps down

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand on Thursday announced that she will step down from her role as the Prime Minister as well as the leader of the New Zealand Labour Party next month. The third populous Oceanian nation New Zealand will hold a General Election on 14 October, which Arden won’t contest, officials […]

NATO chief delusional in his speech: Swedish security expert

Security expert believes the NATO chief’s speech on the inclusion of Sweden and Finland is to reassure scared children

Japanese PM Kishida re-writing mentor Abe’s Russia playbook: Scholar

PM Kishida’s upcoming visit to the US and G-7 summit later this year will mark a significant change in Japan’s foreign and defence policies amid growing threats posed by China, North Korea

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