Putin’s historic visit to North Korea after 24 years

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit North Korea for the first time in 24 years, highlighting the growing relationship

Russian forces secure symbolic victory in Ukraine’s Avdiivka

Avdiivka, located in the Donetsk region, had been a focal point of clashes between pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian army since 2014.

The ‘Interview’ that shook the West

If this interview snowballs into something big enough that shakes some inertia off the American voters, well, this is an 'election interference' that the American establishment created themselves.

Caucasus and Zangezur corridor is back in game

The recent events around Nagorno Karabakh need a closer look. My last article in The New Indian did try to provide a brief background and outline, of the recent Azeri-Armenian conflict over this hill region; it also mentioned that Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan – who is a result of an orchestrated colour revolution – is so hopelessly pro-West […]

Russia seeks clarification from Canada for honouring Nazi fighter

NEW DELHI: A controversy has erupted in Canada following the Canadian Parliament’s recent decision to honour a Ukrainian soldier who fought for Nazi Germany during World War II. This development has prompted a strong reaction from Russia, which has demanded clarification from Ottawa. Ukrainian soldier Yaroslav Hunka (98) was given a standing ovation by Ukrainian President […]

Nazi fighter commemorated as war hero in Canadian parliament

Speaker Rota publicly apologized for recognizing Hunka as a "Ukrainian hero" and expressed deep regret for his decision, which he described as entirely his own initiative.

Delhi G20 statement signals US shift on Ukraine

With the deterioration of the United Nations, the G20 is slowly becoming the vehicle of choice for a section of the developed world. While the UN still retains some of its traditional appeal as a global forum where crucial decisions are made (read bought or sold), the heavily west-tilted institution’s progressive irrelevance on the face […]

Ukraine loses 14% of troops in war as Russia counteroffensive falters

The high casualties, coupled with Ukrainian troops’ inability to breach Russian defence lines, have set the panic alarm ringing in Washington and European capitals

Niger coup: What is at stake for the West

The military coup in Niger threatens similar episodes in others West African nations suffering from France’s neo-colonialism policies

Did Putin mismanage Prigozhin affair?

Putin is not the bare-bodied bear-riding wild leader of a lawless land. He is, at his core, a bureaucrat with the constitution of a chess player