Indian women representation and highlights at Cannes

| Updated: 27 May, 2024 2:08 pm IST
Indian women who were the highlight of Cannes this year. Nancy Tyagi, Mansi Maheswari, Anasuya Sengupta and Payal Kapadia.

CANNES: One of the most talked about film festivals in Cannes has recently concluded on May 25. This was the 77th festival having started on May 14. The invitees enjoyed exceptional movie screenings, timeless fashion moments, of not only film stars but this time other influencers too.

At this prestigious event, Indian women made a significant impact with their representation and achievements. From dazzling on the red carpet to securing top awards, Indian women defined this year’s cinematic celebration. 

Here are the top women highlights of the festival for India

Payal Kapadia won the Grand Prize at Cannes:

Payal Kapadia becomes the first Indian to receive the event’s second-most coveted accolade after the Palme d’Or, the Grand Prix Award. It is the first Indian film in 30 years to receive a nomination in the main competition. ‘All We Imagine as Light’ is the narrative of three ladies and their friendships, demonstrating how they come from various backgrounds yet find solace in one another. Everyone at the main event gave the film an eight-minute standing ovation following its screening.

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Big Win for Female Indian Filmmaker: 

Mansi Maheswari’s “Bunnyhood” won the third prize for Best Short at the Cannes Film Festival 2024, marking another significant achievement for Indian cinema. The film is a horror comedy, explores the transition from childhood to adulthood

Anasuya Sengupta becomes first Indian to win Best Actress at Cannes:

Actress Anasuya Sengupta becomes the first Indian to win the Best Actress Award in the Un Certain Regard category at Cannes 2024. She got the award for her role in Bulgarian director Konstantin Bojanov’s film ‘The Shameless’.

Indian influencer:

Indian influencers and content makers are dominating the 77th Cannes Film Festival, Nancy Tyagi was one of them. She is a Delhi-based fashion content creator, who became an internet sensation after crafting three opulent self-stitched costumes gracing the event for the first time. 

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