Indian influencers shine at Cannes 2024

Several Indian influencers have made a significant impact at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2024.

| Updated: 18 May, 2024 5:15 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Several Indian influencers have made a significant impact at the Cannes Film Festival 2024. Their journeys, filled with personal challenges and remarkable achievements, highlight the evolving landscape of digital content creation in India. Here’s a look at the inspiring stories of Ankush Bahuguna, Nancy Tyagi, Karishma Gangwal, and Niharika NM.

Ankush Bahuguna: From Architecture to the Red Carpet

Originally from Delhi, Ankush Bahuguna initially pursued a career in architecture. However, his true passion lay in content creation. Overcoming self-doubt and childhood bullying, Ankush transformed into a confident and influential figure. With a passion for writing and creating content, he has built a massive following across various social media platforms, becoming a notable name in the Indian beauty and comedy content spheres. Ankush’s influence extends beyond social media through his popular YouTube series ‘Wing It With Ankush,’ where he showcases makeup inspirations and collaborates with notable personalities.

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Nancy Tyagi: Couture from Barnava to Delhi

Nancy Tyagi’s journey began in Barnava village in the Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. She relocated to Delhi before the Covid-19 pandemic and started producing content during the lockdown, featuring her unique self-made and designed creations inspired by high-fashion couture. Nancy’s innovative designs and dedication have earned her a spot at Cannes, showcasing her talent on a global stage.

Karishma Gangwal: The Instagram Sensation

Karishma Gangwal, raised in Jammu, has amassed an impressive 7 million followers on Instagram. Her videos average over 10 million views, with some even reaching an astounding 50 million views. This remarkable engagement makes her the only female digital star in India with such a massive following. Her journey to Cannes is a testament to her influence and popularity in the digital world.

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Niharika NM: From Jordindian to Stardom

Niharika NM is among the few Indian content creators who have been invited to both Cannes and Koffee with Karan. She started her career with Jordindian and has worked her way to the top, featuring stars such as Yash, Mahesh Babu, Aamir Khan, and Ranbir Kapoor in her videos. Her presence at Cannes underscores her significant impact and growing prominence in the digital content space.

These influencers’ journeys to Cannes 2024 reflect their hard work, creativity, and the evolving digital landscape in India. Their stories inspire many aspiring creators and highlight the global reach and recognition of Indian digital content creators.

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