Drilling down on sudden cardiac deaths in marathon participants

Is participating in marathons a safe endeavour?

Kolkata gears up for Durga Puja 2023: A spectacular celebration in the making

As Kolkata prepares for its biggest festival, Durga Puja, the entire city has decked itself up in hues of all colours with fairylights glimmering all along. The calls of the shankh and the curled tenor of the Ululudhvani are only awaiting us for a couple of days, when the yellow taxis will start hobnobbing towards […]

WATCH | Food for thought: Viral noodle video leaves foodies cringing

The process of making noodles is meant to make you retch at the thought that such can be the truth of India’s favourite Chinese Noodles are a common staple in the daily street food culture of many Indians. Nevertheless, concerns about their hygiene and potential health impacts have resurfaced following the viral spread of an […]

FILM REVIEW: ‘Thank You For Coming’ shows girls can say no to bra, have Leone’s lion urge

Kanika Kapoor (portrayed by Bhumi Pednekar) is an unmarried woman in her middle years, and surprisingly, she has never experienced an orgasm. Quite early in the movie, it becomes evident that her actual life is far removed from the romantic tales she grew up hearing and watching, which were like fairytales. Kanika feels burdened by […]

Helping eradicate child malnutrition – the Mastercard way

Mastercard will channel all proceeds from the sale of these paintings to Akshaya Patra Foundation for feeding poor children.