World Schizophrenia Day 2024: Reasons and Treatment

| Updated: 24 May, 2024 9:54 pm IST
World Schizophrenia Day 2024. (Image: Freepik)

Every year on 24 May, the day to spread awareness on a serious mental disability named Schizophrenia is held. Every year comes with a new theme, to apply a different approach of awareness this year the theme is “Celebrating the Power of Community Kindness.” 

What is Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is one of the oldest and core mental illness that detach the patients from reality and create delusions and hallucinations from mild to extreme level. Dr. Lkshay K Dhawan, Psychiatry medical practitioner at MY hospital, Indore told The New Indian, “It is a psychiatric illness which creates thought, behavior and emotional differences and a state of confusion amongst patients.”

Reasons of Schiophrenia

Schizophrenia causes psychosis and is associated with considerable disability and may affect all areas of life including personal, family, social, educational and occupational functioning. It majorly impacts people aged 15-25 despite gender.

Genetic: One of the major causes of developing this illness is genetic, which means that people related to the schizophrenic patients are six times more likely to develop this illness

Environmental Factors: One of the other reasons is being exposed to a traumatising or anxiety filled experiences like not having good relations with family etc

Neurological: Many of the psychiatric illness including schizophrenia is caused of Neurological disorders like any structural, biochemical or electrical abnormalities.


It is very difficult to treat schizophrenia still medication and societal support can help in stablising the condition. The medications run for lifetime to stablise the condition and psychotherapies are the supportive treatments.

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