Congress backs Palestinian rights, urges swift ceasefire

| Updated: 09 October, 2023 7:58 pm IST
Congress backs Palestinian rights, urges swift ceasefire (TNI Photo by Sumit Kumar)

NEW DELHI: The Congress Working Committee (CWC) reaffirmed its long-standing support for the Palestinian people’s land rights, a stance that differs from Prime Minister Modi’s, who called the Palestinian Hamas group’s assault on Israel a ‘terror attack’, on Monday.

Expressing its concern about the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine., the Grand Old party said, “The CWC expresses its dismay and anguish on the war that has broken out in the Middle East where over a thousand people have been killed in the last two days.”

It also called for an immediate ceasefire and suggested that dialogue should happen. “The CWC reiterates its long-standing support for the rights of the Palestinian people to land, self-government, and to live with dignity and respect. The CWC calls for an immediate cease-fire and for negotiations to begin on all outstanding issues including the imperative issues that have given rise to the present conflict.”
The CWC convened a meeting at the All India Congress Committee headquarters in New Delhi on Monday. During the meeting, the party raised several issues in anticipation of the forthcoming state elections and Lok Sabha elections. The party also made commitments to the public, outlining measures that would be implemented if they were to assume power.
At the meeting, the Committee also accused PM Modi of ‘cheating OBCs’ and ‘neglecting the constitutional responsibility’ of conducting a caste census in 2021, among other allegations.
About Israel-Palestine Conflict:
Up to this point, the Israel-Palestine conflict has resulted in the deaths of more than 1,000 people, with around 2,000 others sustaining injuries. The attack commenced on the morning of September 7 when the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas executed its biggest assault on Israel in years, involving over 50 terrorists who infiltrated the country on Saturday.

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