Symphony of culture, voices, and national pride: ABVP’s national convention

It is slated to end on Sunday, having run its course from December 7.

NEW DELHI | Updated: 10 December, 2023 3:49 pm IST
close to 10,000 students participated in a massive 'shobha yatra' of ABVP

NEW DELHI: In a resounding celebration of national pride and cultural diversity, the 69th National Convention of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) kicked off with an extraordinary Shobha Yatra through the vibrant streets of Delhi.


Among the multitude of voices, Priya Shukla, a 15-year-old ABVP member from Gonda, Uttar Pradesh, stood out, embodying the essence of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s student wing in being the voice of students while preserving their Indian identity.


Associated with the wing since 2022, Shukla shared insights regarding her personal growth while being a part of the ABVP. “We are exposed to various cultures here, learning so much. ABVP has helped me in my personality development. If a common person stays confined, they won’t know how to express themselves to make others perceive their importance. Being a part of ABVP contributes to personality development; it provides leadership,” she said.


Priya Shukla, a 15-year-old ABVP member from Gonda


Clad in a white kurta and with short hair, Priya radiated pride and confidence, stating, “It’s a matter of immense pride that Union Minister Amit Shah and other prominent leaders express their pride in being associated with ABVP. These things motivate us to remain connected to ABVP.”

Addressing the diversity showcased at the national conference, Priya highlighted her interactions with members from different regions, offering a glimpse into their unique cultures. “I met people from Tamil Nadu who told me that they say ‘vannakam’ for ‘pranam.’ The secretary from Sikkim shared that gender equality is practical there, not just in words but in reality. I also interacted with people from Meghalaya, Bengal, and many more.”


She added that it was at the ABVP national conference that she witnessed the amalgamation of the many cultures, making her “proud” of the country. “In this ABVP national conference, seeing the amalgamation of so many cultures makes me proud to be an inhabitant of this country. Our attire, language, colours, and clothes may differ, but we are all Indians,” Shukla said.


Iba, an ABVP member from Meghalaya talks about her culture


Dressed in traditional attire called “muga”, Iba, hailing from Meghalaya’s Khasi tribe emphasised, “ABVP  helps individuals express themselves; it is an unspoken voice of the youth. It contributes to making India a better country for the younger generation.”


On the other hand, Nagaland’s Ato Haoli spoke about her heritage, describing the event as a “magnificent display of culture”. “We have over 16 tribes in Nagaland, and I’m adorned in traditional attire representing the Sumi tribe. This attire is just one among the many dresses of the Sumi tribe, which is one of the prominent tribes in Nagaland,” she said.

Another ABVP member from Arunachal Pradesh, Jubin Fatwoli said, “Meeting such big personalities and interacting with them is providing an opportunity to learn a lot.”


Ato Haoli and Jubin Fatwoli highlight the significant attributes of their cultures


The event has come through as a spirited example of India’s diversity, kicking off a procession from a temporary tent set-up at Burari’s DDA ground to Daulat Ram College’s Mauric Nagar Chowk. It is slated to end on Sunday, having run its course from December 7.

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