Om Birla or Prahlad Gunjal? Kota journalist who exposed Nirav scam predicts BJP rebel will win

| Updated: 26 April, 2024 7:26 pm IST
Rohan Dua in conversation with senior Journalist, Dinesh Dubey.

KOTA: As The New Indian team delves into the heart of Kota to understand the election mood, they encounter senior journalist Dinesh Dubey, whose groundbreaking investigation exposed the Nirav Modi scam during the tenure of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi in 2013.

In a candid conversation with the 70-year-old journalist and The New Indian’s Executive Editor, Rohan Dua, the intricate details of his expose and the upcoming electoral battle in Kota were discussed.



During the conversation, he highlighted the magnitude of the scandal and its implications for the political landscape. He told The New Indian, “When the election was declared, the Congress’ situation was who would fight the elections.”

He added, “Prahlad Gunjal switching to Congress from BJP created difficulty for BJP as most Muslim and Gurjar votes will be transferred to Congress while he will also take some votes which he gained while he was in BJP.”

When asked if Om Birla or Prahlad Gunjal would win the election, he answered by saying that the position holds importance, and, Om Birla has that post, but we can’t say if this importance will shine on the day of the election.

The discussion later turned to the Nirav Modi scam, which he exposed during the Manmohan Singh government and is alleged to be revealed by the Modi government.

He said that he was then the Director of Allahabad Bank where the proposal to provide him a 1500 crore loan came in. He objected, finding that the company had not paid the previous loan, and this loan was to reconstruct the NPA.

He added that even after rejecting the loan, he kept on receiving relentless pressure to pass the loan, resulting in him dropping the scam details mailed to the RBI and the Banking Secretary of the Indian government.

Later, the board meeting cancelled his loan, but then again, the Manmohan government put him into the turmoil of either accepting the proposal or signing his resignation.

He then chose to resign but still wanted to expose the scam. In 2014, the Modi government was formed, and one of his friends, Sanjay Dixit, Additional Chief Secretary in the Rajasthan government at that time, helped him.

Dixit shared those loan declination letters given by Dinesh Dubey on the social media platform ‘X’, which came to the attention of the  Modi government  and finally, it was revealed

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