In custody, Bihar YouTuber attacks Tejashwi, calls his father ‘chara chor’

| Updated: 23 September, 2023 4:44 pm IST

PATNA: Manish Kashyap, a journalist from Bihar, who is currently facing serious allegations under the National Security Act (NSA) related to the spread of false information regarding hate crimes against Bihari workers in Tamil Nadu, launched his tirade on the Yadav family on Saturday.

Addressing media persons during his court hearing in Patna, the YouTuber attacked Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav for targeting him unfairly.

Highlighting his father, former Bihar CM Lalu Prasad Yadav’s involvement in the infamous fodder scam of Bihar, Kashyap declared, “I am the son of a soldier, not a fodder thief. I will not yield to these people.”

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Kashyap invoked his family’s military background and reaffirmed his determination not to be intimidated by government pressure. “My grandfather fought in the war with China, and my father fought in the war with Pakistan. I understand that speaking out might lead to more legal cases against me. Nevertheless, we are not afraid; we will not bow down.”

Expanding on his spirited speech, the 32-year-old discussed his aspirations to establish a government in Bihar and demonstrate responsible governance to the current leaders.

“I may face adversity, but I will not compromise my principles. I promise that one day, we will form a government, we will govern the state, and we will set an example,” he asserted.

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Kashyap also shed light on the concerning conditions within the jail where he is currently held, criticizing the presence of illegal substances and weapons facilitated by the police.

He stated, “I remained silent until now, but the situation has become unbearable; I am placed among individuals struggling with addiction. They expose me to harmful substances, causing severe discomfort. Shockingly, the police do nothing to prevent this; instead, they enable such activities.”

Joined by his mother, Kashyap entered the Patna Court, showcasing his handcuffs to the media, and maintained his claim of innocence, emphasizing that he has been wrongly pursued by the governments of Tamil Nadu and Bihar.

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