Future lies in talent, not guns and stones: Amit Shah to Kashmiri youths

| Updated: 23 June, 2023 11:37 pm IST
HM Amit Shah inaugurated The Vitasta Festival in Srinagar  

SRINAGAR, J&K: Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Srinagar today reached out to the youth of Kashmir, stating that the future of the Valley’s young generation doesn’t lie in guns and stones but in the huge Indian and global market that awaits their talent.

Shah said that those who handed over guns and stones to Kashmiri youth were never well-wishers of the young people of the Valley.

“The future of Kashmiri youth doesn’t lie in guns and stones. Pick up laptops and march ahead, as there are huge opportunities waiting for you in big Indian and global markets. We are waiting for your talent. I urge the Kashmiri youth to be part of the change,” Shah said while addressing a gathering after inaugurating several projects in Srinagar.

HM Shah further said that Kashmir has changed a lot over the past few years. “School closures, strike calls and explosions have been controlled and there is an atmosphere of peace. Last year, 1.88 crore tourists visited Kashmir,” Shah said.

Recalling his last visit to Kashmir, Shah said many people complained to him that they couldn’t get taxis. “I ensure that every person is entitled to get a taxi after proper security verification. There was a rule that only those whose fathers or grandfathers owned taxis were entitled to new taxis, but that is not the case now,” he added.

The Union Home minister also said that to accommodate the huge rush of tourists, hotel room capacity across the Valley will go up three times in the next five years. “We will not face any issues while accommodating tourists,” he said.

HM Shah said that for the first time, J&K people are benefiting from a lot of small schemes. “Farmers never got any money in their accounts in the last 70 years, but 12.43 lakh farmers in J&K are getting ₹6000 in their accounts yearly,” he added.

HM Shah also said that money was never an issue for J&K but that it would never reach the right person and that due to unprecedented corruption, crores of rupees would go to waste. “J&K politicians bought palatial houses in foreign countries and they would spend winters there every year,” he said.

HM Shah said that today there are top institutions in Kashmir, including AIIMS, IIM and IIT.

He also announced that Dal Lake and Tatoo Ground will be major attractions in Kashmir that every Indian would love to visit.

Taking a dig at Gandhi’s, Abdullah’s and Muftis’, HM Shah said these three families never allowed democracy to flourish at the grassroots level.

“For 70 years, Panchayat elections were never held here. Change needs a will and that will was shown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who took a step to see Panchayat polls held in J&K and democracy reach every village in the Union Territory,” HM Shah added.

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