Bollywood celebrities cast votes in phase 5

Voting is currently underway across various constituencies in phase 5 of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, spanning six states and two Union territories.

Constitution doesn’t stop giving tickets to family, I will give: Akhilesh Yadav

No provision in democracy prohibits giving electoral tickets to family members: Akhilesh Yadav responds on ‘parivarvad’

I don’t eat Tunday Kebab but my PDA better than NDA: Akhilesh Yadav

I don’t eat Tunday Kebab but my PDA better than NDA: Akhilesh Yadav

Arrest of Delhi CM is disgrace for democracy: Omar Abdullah

Omar Abdullah said, "If AAP insists on keeping Kejriwal as the CM while he is in jail, the Centre will likely use it as a pretext to impose President’s rule in Delhi.” 

Lok Sabha Election 2024: To start on April 19, end on June 1; counting on June 4

Rajiv Kumar, stated that the first phase of the elections is slated to take place on 20th March, 2024, and the date of poll will be 19th April. The elections will be done in seven phases.

Could mounting Ethiopia-Somalia tensions trigger unrest in Horn of Africa?

NEW DELHI: Amid the global gaze fixated on conflicts like the war in Gaza, a brewing storm in the Horn of Africa demands a closer look. Recent developments have heightened tensions in this region known for its political instability, specifically stemming from Somalia’s abrupt cancellation of a pact with Ethiopia, on January 6, signed just […]

Democracy’s demand for compromise: Finding common ground in Parliament

In the midst of a turbulent monsoon session, there is a need for unity in India's Parliament for the greater good of the country

When Obama goes low, Modi goes high

PM Narendra Modi upholds the principle of going high amidst former US President Barack Obama's ‘low’ remarks

Future lies in talent, not guns and stones: Amit Shah to Kashmiri youths

SRINAGAR, J&K: Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Srinagar today reached out to the youth of Kashmir, stating that the future of the Valley’s young generation doesn’t lie in guns and stones but in the huge Indian and global market that awaits their talent. Shah said that those who handed over guns and stones to […]

PM Modi receives 16 standing ovations, autograph request from Speaker McCarthy

WASHINGTON, DC: Prime Minister Narendra Modi made history on Thursday as he became the first Indian leader to address the joint session of the US Congress twice. His nearly hour-long speech captivated American lawmakers and resonated with the Indian-American community, prompting multiple standing ovations, applause, and chants of ‘Modi, Modi’. But what is more captivating […]