Arrest of Delhi CM is disgrace for democracy: Omar Abdullah

Omar Abdullah said, “If AAP insists on keeping Kejriwal as the CM while he is in jail, the Centre will likely use it as a pretext to impose President’s rule in Delhi.” 

| Updated: 23 March, 2024 2:31 pm IST
Ex J&K CM and National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah

SRINAGAR: National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah on Friday asserted that the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was a stain on democracy, indicating the significant level of anxiety within the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Omar Abdullah said, “If AAP insists on keeping Kejriwal as the CM while he is in jail, the Centre will likely use it as a pretext to impose President’s rule in Delhi.” The ex-CM affirmed his party’s solidarity with Kejriwal and AAP. “Such a democracy! Despite all the boasting about winning 400+ seats, the ruling establishment is exhibiting a notable level of unease. The arrest of a sitting CM by a compliant Central agency shortly after the announcement of general elections is a stain on democracy,” Abdullah remarked in a post on X.

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Speaking to reporters in Srinagar, Omar said that Kejriwal’s arrest was timed with the elections. “Just days after the EC announced the dates for the Lok Sabha polls, we witnessed the arbitrary arrest of the sitting Chief Minister and a crucial member of the opposition alliance by the ED,” he remarked.

The National Conference Vice President pointed out that Kejriwal is not the only opposition figure targeted by the ED. “Some weeks ago, the sitting CM of Jharkhand found himself in a similar predicament. Last year, his Deputy Chief Minister was also arrested, among others. Unfortunately, this is part of a process where democratic institutions in our country have gradually been undermined to the extent that they almost cease to function.”

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Omar Abdullah expressed concerns about the peril facing our democracy, suggesting that only time will reveal the extent of the threat. He lamented the regrettable legacy this Government is shaping for the nation. “For many years, every party opposing the BJP has faced similar targeting. This is just a fraction of the new democratic landscape that has emerged in our country in recent years. However, all democratic institutions have gradually been hollowed out,” he remarked.

Abdullah remarked that public trust in the courts has eroded significantly. “During Indira Gandhi’s Emergency, people still had faith in the courts for justice. Sadly, today, when a judge’s name is announced, we can predict their decision. If this is the state of our courts, whom can the people trust?” he questioned.

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