WATCH | Food for thought: Viral noodle video leaves foodies cringing

| Updated: 16 October, 2023 8:42 pm IST
Watch the horrifying process of making raw noodles in Kolkata

The process of making noodles is meant to make you retch at the thought that such can be the truth of India’s favourite Chinese
Noodles are a common staple in the daily street food culture of many Indians. Nevertheless, concerns about their hygiene and potential health impacts have resurfaced following the viral spread of an Instagram video. This video shows the noodle production process in a local Kolkata factory.

Street-food enthusiasts in India hold various dishes in high regard, and noodles are unquestionably a favourite. However, many of these people tend to disregard the food processing stages that street vendors adhere to before serving their dishes. Nevertheless, this particular video has left many of these street-food fans feeling uneasy, prompting a reconsideration of their food choices in the future.

The video showcases a series of concerning and unhygienic practices, including the use of unsanitary equipment, handling of food with bare hands, and the unsettling sight of an entire batch of noodles placed directly on the floor. This footage has certainly made many people reevaluate their affinity for their beloved dish. Feel the discomfort and unease for yourself by watching the video below.


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First, the dough mix is put into a machine. Then the machine mixes the flour and water to create the dough, which is later put into a pressing machine to flatten it and create a thin layer of the dough. It is then sliced into multiple single-piece noodles.
But this isn’t all! Once the noodles are in shape, they are thrown onto the floor in bundles to be packed into plastic bags. From here, the noodles are sealed, packed, and delivered to distributors. Subsequently, the noodles are distributed to both retail and wholesale establishments, from where they are retailed to street vendors. These street vendors have also faced criticism for frequently employing unsanitary cooking methods.
Later, all of that cringe is served right into your plate to be consumed. Well, despite being unhealthy, these noodles are sold at large quantities every day across India. Surprisingly, it is also loved by all possibly for its taste, spiciness, or for cheap pricing. But the readers should reconsider prioritising their health over money, as highlighted by the viral Instagram video.

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