Ton-Up India Raises Bat To 100-Crore Shots

| Updated: 22 October, 2021 9:49 am IST

NEW DELHI: Last time when India burst into joy may have been when cricketers Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma or Mahendra Singh Dhoni raised their bat over a century.

On Thursday, when India clocked the 100 crore vaccination, the frenzy was almost the same.

At least that’s what The New Indian found at the ground as we counted emotions over each anti-covid shot some of the people received and we spoke to.

Many credited PM Narendra Modi for setting up national task force to give boost to indigenous pharmaceutical firms like Bharat Biotech, others said health workers deserve to be patted back for taking risks to serve the countrymen with medical aid and inspiring others when India was grappling with deaths.

“My business had come to a grinding halt. Looks like we may be on track after vaccination,” said Urmila Devi.

“I am thankful that government routinely hammered the thought over free vaccination through caller tunes to billboards and social media and people are responding. Credit to both,” said Manisha, an employee at a law firm.

Cab drivers and those in public transport business said that the figure was enough to help people allay fears of moving out of their homes.

“Now, there’s no fear of stepping out for work. We’re glad we can now conduct our business even if the economic activity is much less as compared to what it was before,” said Chaman, e-rickshaw driver.

Some of the pharmacists and medical professionals The New Indian spoke to also said they are still pained at losing their family members, with a wishful thought that such vaccination drive was enforced during second wave then.

“We lost several people. The response may be delayed. But its good that people are taking vaccines,” said Dr Saifran.

“Vaccine slots are still a problem. I hope government addresses this concern too and improve the pace of the vaccination for the youth and working professionals,” said Adeep Ghosh.

With this, many in India will pray and hope Diwali this year will only be better than 2020 with healthy cheerful and covid- free families inside and outside our homes.

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