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Is Uttarakhand Cong Headed The Punjab Way? State Leaders Turn To Rahul To Fix Infighting

NEW DELHI: Amid infighting in Uttarakhand Congress, former Chief Minister Harish Rawat and AICC in-charge for the state Devender Yadav on Friday met former party chief Rahul Gandhi at his residence. The two leaders were called for a meeting with the senior leadership after Rawat on Wednesday sent out cryptic tweets over the handling of […]

Vir Das Did Not Tickle Anything

The 11th century philosopher from Kashmir, Acharya Abhinavagupta, in his commentary on Bharata’s Natya Sastra explains the comic sentiment as Kuhaka – meaning tickling of Kaksa – armpits or hidden and sensitive zones. Tickling is a form of cute aggression. Surrendering to the power of the tickler is an acknowledgement of the pleasure of harmless […]

Of Vaccines, Data, And The Future: A Perspective On COVID-19 Pandemic

On the eve of Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, the World Health Organization (WHO) granted an emergency use license to India’s homegrown Covaxin. United Nations (UN) backed COVAX is an initiative to distribute COVID vaccine aimed at reducing vaccine inequity, a project now in desperate need of more vaccines after failing to meet its […]

100 Cr Covid Jabs: Indians Embrace Science, While Millions In The West Don’t

A couple of months ago, US based medical researcher Dr. Faheem Younus tweeted on the spread of black fungus in India. “Use of cow dung as a ‘COVID Cure’ could be causing deadly black fungus disease  (mucormycosis) in India,” he said, before adding, “I can’t prove it but it’s highly likely.” A scientist at the […]

Covid Caller Tune Made Me VIP , Got My 2 Jabs Like Commoner: Voice Over Artist

NEW DELHI: There is no caller in the country who has not heard her voice. One and a half year on after she recorded the Covid19 message that was relayed as the caller tune in India, voiceover artist, Jasleen Bhalla, reflects on the impressions left behind by the message as well as the feedback that […]

Hello, Hello! India’s New Caller Tune Still Wants Your Safety First

NEW DELHI: India’s got a new caller tune — one that celebrates the 100 cr vaccination mark. A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off the landmark victory with his visit to Delhi’s RML hospital on Thursday, the nation noticed a small change in their daily routine. The earlier message is now replaced by […]

Ton-Up India Raises Bat To 100-Crore Shots

NEW DELHI: Last time when India burst into joy may have been when cricketers Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma or Mahendra Singh Dhoni raised their bat over a century. On Thursday, when India clocked the 100 crore vaccination, the frenzy was almost the same. At least that’s what The New Indian found at […]