Time To Be Cautious, CM Bhagwant Mann…

| Updated: 05 May, 2022 7:30 pm IST

Today a substantial quantity of some explosive material has been recovered from a vehicle in Karnal. Though initial reports claim it to be RDX, one needs to wait for the authentic report from explosive experts.

Keeping in view some of the incidents of recent past which took place in Punjab, including a blast in a Ludhiana court and the April 29th incident in Patiala Punjab Police needs to get associated and urgently check out if it has anything to do with Punjab militants.

Sleeper cells belonging to militants and terrorists belonging to various outfits have remained active, rather hyperactive in parts of India, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab, to name a few.

Whereas the said blast in Ludhiana court complex is said to have been caused by RDX, thereby showing a direct link up with militants, the April 29th incident in Patiala, which though wrongly been attributed to a so-called communal divide, was the handiwork of sustained propaganda by the so-called Sikhs for Justice, a pro-militant organisation being stage-managed by Patawant Pannu and his associates in dreadful ISI.

Pannu lives in the USA but travels all over, particularly in European countries like the United Kingdom and Germany, as also Pakistan, with a view to collect funds and to sustain his propaganda campaign which is primarily run and sustained through social media.

One thing is abundantly clear the recently formed CM Bhagwant Mann government in Punjab has to be abundantly cautious and too well in time before things go out of hand in Punjab.

The popular notion, being sponsored by a section of political rivals of CM Mann, that he is a novice and neither has administrative skills nor the support of a good chunk of civil and police honchos, is not only damaging the state but also giving rise to a feeling amongst hardcore militant that it is about time to “raise their head once again”.

CM Mann needs to be abundantly cautious in his moves on law and order, including the increasing threat from the overseas militants, all of whom have had their sleeper cells, absolutely intact and waiting for the right moment. He has to be equally vigilant about the existing law and order situation in the state, which is being negatively blown beyond proportions by a section of political rivals.

Equally, if not more, he has to be careful about the extremely poor financial health of the state because of which he is not likely to soon fulfil his populist electoral promises which he made in view of the then-impending elections to the Punjab assembly. He also needs to make some sincere and obvious efforts to control the drug menace, one of the most important humanitarian as also a political issue in Punjab for more than a decade.

Don’t worry, we are not trying to scare you, Mr Mann, we are just cautioning you…

Shashi Kant is a former Director General of Police, Punjab.

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