The Truth Behind PM’s Security Breach In Punjab

| Updated: 06 January, 2022 6:31 pm IST

FEROZPUR/NEW DELHI: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was left stranded at a flyover for over 15 minutes on Wednesday while he was going to address a rally at Hussainiwala in Punjab. The grave security lapse has resulted in an all out information war with the Congress accusing the Prime Minister of insulting Punjab.

Congress government in Punjab even tried to deflect the attention by blamimg SPG for the last minute changes in Prime Minister’s travel plan.

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The New Indian is in possession of papers that debunk the Punjab Government and how Punjab Police was complicit in entire unsavoury saga.


 1.     Myth: Punjab Govt/Punjab Police was not informed of the road journey.

Facts: Advance Security Liason (ASL) for PM’s visit was conducted by SPG along with Punjab administration and the local police on January 1 and 2. During the ASL, contingency plan for road journey from Bathinda to Ferozepur was discussed in detail.

Route survey, identification of vulnerable points were to be secured with strong police deployment. In light of intelligence inputs regarding sabotage possibilities, strong police deployment was emphasised in the ASL report.

The contingency rehearsal for the road journey from Bathinda to Ferozepur was carried out on January 4.


2.     Myth: There was a sudden change of plan by PM, of which Punjab police was not aware.

Facts: When the helicopter journey from Bathinda was ruled out as not possible, Director SPG discussed with DGP Punjab about possibility of undertaking a safe and secure road journey from Bathinda to Ferozepur.

After getting clearance on road journey from DGP Punjab, the travel was planned. Senior officers of SPG had multiple conversations with the DGP Punjab regarding the road journey.

In fact, SSP Bathinda piloted the motorcade from Bathinda to Ferozepur district border and SSP Bathinda piloted the motorcade from Ferozepur district border.


3.     Myth: Punjab Police wasn’t aware of the security threats to PM.

Facts: Internal documents from Punjab police show multiple communications by Punjab Police about securing the roads for PM’s visit and journey.

The internal communications speak about make Traffic Diversion Plan in advance as Dharna such as this may result in road block.

There is also mention in the internal communication that a watch must be kept on the movement of farmers and that they should not be allowed to move to district Ferozepur to disrupt the rally.


4.     Myth: It is the SPG’s duty alone to secure the Prime Minister. The State Government & Police have no role.

Facts: The SPG Blue Book Chapter 1, Rule 1 states that the overall responsibility for ensuring the safety of the PM rests with the State Government and  responsibility for providing proximate security rests with the SPG as per the SPG Act 1988.

Chapter 1 Rule 2 states that State Police shall make all protective arrangements for the security and safety of the PM.

Chapter 1 Rule 5 states that implementation of these rules will be the responsibility of the DGP of the state.


5. Myth: Punjab Govt and Police did a proper job in terms of security.

Facts: The police control room failed to inform the pilot of the motorcade about some so-called protestors on the PM’s route. Even if timely information about the blockade was relayed to PM’s motorcade by the police control room, the situation of getting stuck on a flyover could have been averted. As a result  of no information, PM’s car reached very near to the so called protestors.

The police at the site was found to be very inactive. There was no visible report on the part of the Punjab police to clear the route. Senior police officers present at the site were also found to be ineffective & the number of people assembled started rapidly increasing. All across the route, there was skeletal police deployment.

As per the SPG Bluebook, a car for the Chief Secretary and DGP was ear-marked in the PM’s motorcade. However, neither the Chief Secretary and DGP joined the motorcade.

The events and facts of January 5 clearly indicate that State Government and State Police completely failed in providing effective security for the PM. They not only failed to implement the security measures advised during the ASL but also failed to adhere to the provisions of the Blue Book.

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