PVR INOX launches ₹349 passport for four movies a month

NEW DELHI :  PVR INOX Ltd.,  has announced the launch of the second edition of its monthly cinema subscription service, Passport. The revamped service, now dubbed Passport 2.0, promises a more user-friendly experience with exciting new features and fewer restrictions. Starting from 18th March, Passport 2.0 is set to make movie-going more accessible and affordable. […]

PVR INOX celebrates India’s Asiad win with Rs 107 movie tickets

NEW DELHI: PVR INOX, the largest film exhibition company in India, has surprised movie and sports lovers by slashing down movie tickets to just Rs 107 on November 3 with an aim to celebrate Team India’s historic achievement of 107 medals with cinema fans across the country at the 19th Asian Games held recently. Cinephiles […]

PVR INOX offers ‘Bottomless Popcorn’

India's largest multiplex chain, PVR INOX, launches new F&B offers to enhance cinematic experience

PVR INOX’s 30-minute Trailer Screening Show takes audiences by storm

The new 30-minute show, which features trailers of top upcoming movies, costs just ₹1 and has sold more than 2.5 lakh tickets in 50 days