Beware of Wokes, they hate morality & orderliness: Mohan Bhagwat in Dusshera speech

He argued that their actions, despite their idealistic facade, ultimately lead to anarchy and indiscretion.

Lenin’s Tug Of War With Modern Physics (Part 2)

Carrying forward  the argument from the last piece on the anti-science cult of Marxists, churches suppressed science because not many discoveries had come their way and they always wanted to preserve orthodoxy. But the persecution of science by Marx and his followers was indeed a troubling revelation for me as they always portray themselves to […]

The Anti-Science Cult Of Marxists (Part 1)

While I was a student of Architecture, Marxism appeared the movement and political will of rationalists. I studied the subject of “Dialectic Materialism” with utmost care and in no time turned red by thought. But with time, the realizations walked in and I could see that “Marxism” is no different than an Abrahamic Religion. Of […]