YSRCP pioneers by appointing commoners as campaign stars

The YSRCP has submitted a list of 12 people (commoners) to the Election Commission, designating them as YSRCP’s official ‘Star Campaigners’ for the upcoming polls.

| Updated: 30 April, 2024 2:04 pm IST

Tadepalli : Amid a popular trend of enlisting film stars, celebrities, and influencers as star  campaigners for political parties, the YSRCP has chosen an extraordinary path. A path that has not been attempted anywhere in the country before. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and YSRCP President Jagan Mohan Reddy has decided to make the common people of Andhra Pradesh his ‘Star Campaigners’ in the upcoming elections, marking a historic first in the country.
The YSRCP has submitted a list of 12 people (commoners) to the Election Commission, designating them as YSRCP’s official ‘Star Campaigners’ for the upcoming polls. The party has also said that these 12 will represent every of the approximate 5 crore people of Andhra Pradesh. The YSRCP believes that every person in the state is their ‘Star Campaigner.’ These individuals, hailing from humble backgrounds, will campaign for the party on the ground and help propagate Jagan Mohan Reddy’s message till the last mile. 

Remember, even before the launch of the ‘Siddham’ campaign, CM Jagan had said, ‘My true star campaigners are the people of Andhra Pradesh, and I don’t want anyone else,’ slamming the Opposition for stitching unholy alliances and trying to get as many film stars, influencers etc on board to campaign for them. Throughout his visits to various constituencies as part of the ‘Siddham’ and ‘Memantha Siddham’ campaigns, the CM sought blessings from the beneficiaries, whom he called his ‘Star Campaigners’ who he expects would go door-to-door in the coming days and help him in a resounding victory. CM Jagan has repeatedly said that those who have benefitted from him should help spread the message of good governance and ensure that the YSRCP comes back to power for all welfare schemes to continue. 

Out of the twelve YSRCP star campaigners, 4 are homemakers, 2 are farmers, 1 is an auto driver, 1 a tailor, and 4 are former government volunteers. 

Here are some details about these star campaigners:

– *Pandalaneni Sivaprasad, Avanigadda Constituency, Krishna District*: Hailing from a simple family of farmers, Sivaprasad is a father of two sons. Recently, his eldest son, Krishna Kishore secured admission to a Master’s programme in Political Affairs at Columbia University in the United States Of America. However, the exorbitant course fee of Rs 1,36,00,000 seemed unattainable. Thanks to YSRCP’s foreign education welfare scheme (Jagananna Videshi Deevena), Sivaprasad’s son applied and received the required funds. For someone who couldn’t afford even a lakh, received Rs 50 lakh for two semesters from the YSRCP Government, and today he is studying in the third semester at Columbia University. Not just that, Sivaprasad’s family has benefited from various other schemes under the Jagan Government including financial assistance to farmers (Rhythu Bharosa). Sivaprasad decided to be CM Jagan’s star campaigner as he strongly believes that he should come back to power as his government is pro-poor government.

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– *Katari Jagadish, Anakapalli Constituency, Anakapalli District*: He runs a small roadside shop sewing seat covers for two-wheelers. While he could make his daily ends meet, paying for quality education for his three children was a dream beyond reach. But ever since CM Jagan came to power, his elder son’s engineering course has been supported through full-fee reimbursement (Jagananna Vidya Deevena) and accommodation schemes (Jagananna Vasati Deevena). His second son is also pursuing his degree with similar benefits. The financial assistance provided by the government has significantly improved their standard of living. His wife, previously a tailor, purchased a new electric sewing machine through the YSR Cheyutha Scheme, further boosting their income. They were also allotted a house in Jagananna Colony, and Jagadish also received a backward community-specific pension (tanner). Jagadish’s decision to work as a star campaigner for CM Jagan stems from the transformative impact of the YSRCP government’s well-thought-out schemes for the underprivileged.

– *Anantha Lakshmi, Rajahmundry City Constituency, East Godavari District*: In her village through Jagananna Chedodu, a neighbour set up a clothing shop that supports their family. She highlighted the case of Dasari Mahalakshmi, a woman who received Rs 2 lakh insurance upon her husband’s death, along with Pension Kanuka and Amma Vodi schemes. The Navaratnalu schemes implemented by the YSRCP government transformed them from a family struggling to make ends meet, to a family with a stable income. Anantha Lakshmi supports CM Jagan’s mission to uplift the poor and has decided to work as a star campaigner for him with all vigour and enthusiasm.

– *Syed Anwar, Nellore Rural, Nellore District*: One of the most revolutionary changes brought in by CM Jagan that swayed Syed was the improvements in government schools. He highlighted how several thousand students were learning English medium, were attending digital classrooms, and were receiving improved facilities all of which had led to a huge confidence boost for them. He emphasized the impact these changes will have on the future of the state and praised the financial support provided through schemes like Amma Vodi. Syed Anwar is eager to be CM Jagan’s star campaigner and has vowed to visit over 100 households to share his message because he truly believes that it is because of CM Jagan, that today Andhra Pradesh is investing in human capital.

– *Challa Eswari, Mylavaram Constituency, NTR District*: She worked as a YSRCP Government volunteer overseeing 50 households. So, she is part of the unique Village and Ward Secretariat system that is setting an example for other states to follow. She is someone who has witnessed first-hand, the transformation in the lives of all the families who received Direct Benefit Transfer through various Navaratnalu schemes introduced during the YSRCP tenure. Eswari was all praises for CM Jagan for his commitment to uplifting every poor person in the state and for his focus on women’s empowerment. She highlighted the ease of accessing government services, citing the swift issuance of caste certificates under the Jagananna Suraksha programme. Eswari believes in CM Jagan’s vision for the state and has seen families in her cluster start successful businesses with the financial support received. The reason why she is Jagananna’s star campaigner is because she believes that he runs a people’s government where the downtrodden and the underprivileged are prioritised.

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