Beware of Wokes, they hate morality & orderliness: Mohan Bhagwat in Dusshera speech

He argued that their actions, despite their idealistic facade, ultimately lead to anarchy and indiscretion.

Nagpur | Updated: 24 October, 2023 12:50 pm IST
RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat address during the RSS Vijayadashami

NAGPUR: During his speech on Tuesday at the annual Dussehra event in Nagpur, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Chief Mohan Bhagwat raised a contentious issue, which he labelled as “cultural Marxists” or the “Woke” movement.

Bhagwat contended that these groups, often claiming to stand for noble causes, are driven by hidden agendas rooted in selfishness and deceit. Their means of achieving their goals involve wielding considerable influence over the media and academia, using these platforms to shape public opinion and drive their ideologies forward.

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The striking part is Bhagwat’s assertion that these “cultural Marxists” aren’t out to merely challenge the status quo; instead, their mission is to sow seeds of chaos and disorder. Their aim is to disrupt and dismantle established norms, morality, and cultural values that have shaped societies for generations.

He argued that their actions, despite their idealistic facade, ultimately lead to anarchy and indiscretion.

“The purpose of Bharat’s rise has always been the welfare of the world. But, selfish, discriminatory, and deceitful forces seeking their sectarian interests are also making their own efforts to disrupt social cohesion and promote conflict. They wear various cloaks. Some of these destructive forces call themselves cultural Marxists or ‘Woke’,” said Bhagwat.

RSS Annual Vijayadashami event in Nagpur

“They claim to be working for some lofty goals but their real objectives are to disrupt all orderliness and morality, beneficence, culture, dignity and restraint in the world,” he added.

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Bhagwat also highlighted that these forces have penetrated various sectors of society, including education, culture, and politics, to an alarming extent. Their influence, he claims, results in confusion, chaos, and even corruption.

He also claimed that cultural Marxists reward, promote, and spread anarchy and indiscretion.

In essence, Bhagwat’s speech is a plea for a distinct and self-reliant approach to development, rooted deeply in Bharatiya values and principles. He underscored the need to tread a unique path, safeguarding the cultural identity of the nation while standing strong against external ideologies that might seek to erode it.

The event saw the participation of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis along with Bollywood singer and music composer Shankar Mahadevan. RSS, for the unversed, was founded on Vijayadashami in 1925

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