Jail ke badle vote: Sunita Kejriwal leads roadshow in West Delhi

| Updated: 29 April, 2024 7:04 pm IST
The Indian team records the sentiments of AAP supporters in a rally led by Sunita Kejriwal. (Image by: Abhishek Rajput)

NEW DELHI: Sunita Kejriwal, the wife of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, currently in jail, held a roadshow in West Delhi on Sunday. This was her second roadshow as part of the party’s ongoing campaign for the Lok Sabha elections.

“In the first rally, all the faces of the opposition are blurred. For whatever oppression BJP did with AAP, the whole of Delhi is in the mood to give a ‘Jail ka jawab’ vote,” said Amit Sardar, an AAP supporter, to The New Indian.



Holding a poster of her husband, showing him inside the jail, Sunita rallied in support of the AAP’s Lok Sabha candidate, Mahabal Mishra, for the West Delhi constituency.

Sunita addressed the crowd during the campaign, saying, “He has imprisoned my husband for a month. No court has found him guilty. They say the investigation is ongoing. If the investigation continues for ten years, will they keep him imprisoned for ten years?” she questioned, highlighting the unresolved nature of the allegations against her husband. The rally, seen with massive enthusiasm, echoed the slogan “Jail ka jawab vote se” (Vote as an answer to imprisonment).

In the rally, criticism was directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies and his government over the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), particularly from the Muslim community.

One of the AAP supporters, Mohammad Ashfaq, said, “All Muslims will oppose that. How can someone interfere in our personal matters? We do not interfere in someone’s worship, so why will someone interfere in our prayers (Namaj)?”

Adding further, he said, “Triple talaq is our personal matter. Modiji has got age factor, he does not know anything. Everybody calls him a global guru; he has destroyed the country. He goes and hugs sheikhs in Saudi Arabia and hates Muslims of India.”

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He then recalled the PM calling the 140 crores Indians as his family and questioned, “So the farmers are not his family? Manipur people are not his family? 700 farmers were not his family? People who died during demonetization are not his family?

Later he cited Modi as a black stain for the country and said, “First time on our Red Fort Khalistan flag was imposed. We Hindus and Muslims were living together, are living together, and will live together. If Muslims did not go to Pakistan at the time of partition, then what’s the point now? This is my country; Muslims have given a lot to this country like APJ Abdul Kalam, Usman Brigadier, and many more examples.”

Naresh Balian, an AAP MLA, dismissed the speculation of Sunita becoming the CM of Delhi. “CM is Kejriwal, and he will remain CM. Sunita has been entrusted with campaign responsibilities, and her efforts will yield significant results across all regions.”

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On being asked about Arvinder Singh Lovely’s allegations on AAP, he stressed the need for unity to save the country and democracy. He dismissed BJP’s ambitious slogan of ‘abki baar 400 paar’ (This time, over 400 seats), and replied with, “25 May, bhajpa gayi,” and added that the slogan disappeared after the first phase.

On the question of whether Sunita has become the face of Delhi now, he said, “She is working tirelessly. The face of Delhi is Kejriwal, and it will remain so. It’s her moral duty to campaign, and women across Delhi will vote for AAP.”

“AAP will win with all seven seats in Delhi, the alliance is going to win. In this election, whoever goes to vote is first looking at their kitchen, cylinder, vegetables, cooking oil, pulses, and everything is expensive”, said Mohammad Ashfaq.

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