Swayamsevaks are harmonious notes of our nation’s song: Shankar Mahadevan

He stressed the importance of feeling proud of India’s musical heritage

| Updated: 24 October, 2023 6:03 pm IST
Shankar Mahadevan along with RSS Chief, Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

NAGPUR: Bollywood vocalist Shankar Mahadevan, while addressing the audience at the RSS’s annual Vijayadashami programme, shared a profound insight into the rich musical heritage of India. “If our country is a geet, our Swayamsanghies are the sargam of that geet.”

He stressed the importance of feeling proud of India’s musical heritage, acknowledging the greatness of Indian music. “Firstly, we should all start feeling proud of our music and realise that have one of the greatest form of music and rhythm.”

Mahadevan’s perspective came from his experience performing with artists from around the world, highlighting the universal presence of “sargam” (musical notes) as the silent backbone of songs.

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To illustrate his point, he sang his evergreen song “Mitwa” and explained, “If you take any tune from around the world, it is accompanied by ‘sargam,’ which is the silent backbone of a song.”

Members of the RSS at performing exercises on the Sangh’s grounds

He drew a parallel between the essence of music and the dedication of RSS members, or swayamsevaks, in silently working for the country. He emphasised that just as a country’s song has sargam, the swayamsevaks serve as the sargam for the nation, silently working for its betterment during any occasion or crisis.

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The 56-year-old artist emphasised the need to transport India’s classical music to a global audience. Mahadevan recounted a conversation with RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, during which he learned about marching bands using compositions based on Indian ragas and melodies, inspiring him with what he called a “brilliant idea.”

Reflecting on his own contributions to promoting Indian classical music, Mahadevan mentioned his academy, which has been teaching classical music to enthusiasts in over 90 countries. “11 years ago, I started my academy, the ‘Shankar Mahadevan Academy,’ where we are teaching our classical music to enthusiasts in more than 90 countries.”

As a special tribute to the RSS, Mahadevan dedicated a song to the organisation, singing, “Mai rahoo na rahoo, Bharat ye rehna chahiye,” a song that encapsulates the essence of selfless service and the contribution of the RSS in shaping India and its leaders.

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