Seema Sachin’s saga: Villagers accept Pakistani woman as their ‘bahu’

Rabupura villagers give their stamp of approval to Seema Haider, who crossed borders to marry Sachin. They say authorities can investigate her if they think she is a spy

| Updated: 18 July, 2023 9:49 am IST
Najeeb Bhati says Seema should be investigated for suspected espionage.

NEW DELHI: While Seema Haider and Sachin’s Gadar-inspired love story divided opinion, for the residents of Rabupura village in Greater Noida, Seema is not a spy from Pakistan. Locals of the village reasoned that she had crossed borders, along with her four minor children, to marry the man she loved.

Speaking to The New Indian, locals said that they have accepted her as their ‘bahu’ (daughter-in-law). However, some of them also agree that she should be investigated thoroughly by the authorities before giving her citizenship.

The development came hours after Seema, Sachin and Sachin’s father, Netrapal Meena, were picked up by Uttar Pradesh Police’s Anti Terror Squad (ATS) from their home in Rabupura on Monday. The trio were questioned at the Noida ATS office till late at night.

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The agencies have suspected Seema Haider to be a spy who might be planted by Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan’s intelligence agency, in India for a special operation.

“Seema has come on her own will. It does not appear that she is a ‘jasoos’ as she has come with four children. But if she has done anything wrong and the agency finds that she is a spy, she should be punished for sure,” Inderjeet Meena, 58, said.

Pyaar kuch bhi kara sake hai (Love can force you to do anything). She can come here for love,” Inderjeet told The New Indian that visited the hamlet.

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The villagers also seem to enjoy the limelight that Seema’s love story has brought to their sleepy hamlet.

Dharampal said, “We cannot say she is a spy. It’s for the government agencies to find out. But I like Seema. Our village has become famous worldwide because of Seema.”

“People are beelining to see Seema. Some are even giving her muh dikhai after seeing her. Some want a glimpse of Seema and her four children. Accha to lag raha hai (I like it), but agencies can verify whether Seema is a spy or not,” Kallu, another villager, added. He, however, said that he does not believe that she is a spy.

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Putting things into perspective, an elderly woman, who is a neighbour of Seema and Sachin, said, “If the family has accepted her, who are we to comment? How does it matter if she is Muslim or Bahman (Brahmin)? The family is happy, so we are also happy.”

Seema and Sachin befriended each other over the mobile game PUBG. They fell in love over time. She decided to come to India to marry Sachin.

Seema researched on the internet and drew plans after watching YouTube videos, as she sold her properties in Karachi and came to India via the porous Nepal border along with her four children.

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Their story came into the limelight after UP police arrested Seema on July 1 after the matter came to light about her illegal stay in the country.

Seema, meanwhile, won over the locals through her love for Sachin and her acceptance of changing her religion. She had also changed the names of her four children. Her in-laws earlier told The New Indian that she is quick to adapt to the local customs, much to the delight of the family.


Meanwhile, the videos that are coming from Pakistan, related to Seema Haider, are also being verified by the security agencies. The IB (Intelligence Bureau) has exchanged information related to Seema and her four children – three girls and one boy – with UP ATS and other internal security agencies.

The IB has also sought details from Sahastra Seema Bal (SSB), which is deployed along the Nepal and Bhutan borders, to ascertain how Seema passed the border without proper checking while coming to India.


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