We are against media houses that jeopardise India’s interest: TNI Executive Editor Rohan Dua

| Updated: 30 October, 2023 3:09 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Rohan Dua, the Executive Editor of The New Indian, reiterated his firm stance against media houses that have received financial support from Islamist countries and other forces with the intention of jeopardising India. He voiced his concerns during a panel discussion alongside Shefali Vaidya, Raghav Krishna, and Anand Ranganathan at the Western Ghats Lit Fest on October 29.

At the event, festival, for which The New Indian is a media partner, Dua encouraged reporters to venture into the heartland of India to uncover authentic stories from the grassroots. He stated, “My advice to reporters is to go to the hinterland and come up with real stories which the left-liberal media can’t do. When websites like Wire, Scroll have posh offices in Delhi, why can’t the ED not raid them? The website called Newclick receives Rs 8 crore annually.

“Moreover, you have a certain section of journalists who are exploring why Hindu temples are expanding. We will keep reporting on how men in UP and Kerala are brainwashed. Someone is also misleading the current government. There are black sheeps even in the current dispensation.

“We will hammer and tong against such forces. There are 1,331 ‘Independent journalists’ who disguise themselves as societies. I will raise my voice against journalists who receive money from Islamic nations and work against your country.”

In Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, our Executive Editor also recounted how The New Indian embarked on its journalistic journey. He explained, “Aarti Tikoo and I initiated The New Indian to pursue a form of journalism that differs from the approach taken by certain armchair journalists who have received financial support from foreign nations to criticise their own country.”

He further disclosed his intentions, saying, “I will soon unveil information regarding how certain online media houses have received funding from George Soros. This is the reason why journalists like us left mainstream media outlets and established The New Indian.”

As the first national digital media organisation to extend its presence in South India, The New Indian is at the forefront of providing coverage for this event, where scholars and writers have convened to share their perspectives on India’s historical past and its contemporary religious landscape.

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