Parliament security breach not related to Opposition MP suspensions: Om Birla

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla slammed any claims of the incident being related to the suspension of 15 Opposition MPs

| Updated: 17 December, 2023 10:34 am IST
Parliament Security Breach Unrelated to MP Suspensions, Clarifies Speaker Om Birla

NEW DELHI In the aftermath of the alarming security breach in Parliament, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla slammed any claims of the incident being related to the suspension of 15 Opposition MPs, on Saturday.

Birla had said this in an open letter in the Parliament.

Three days following the intrusion into the lower house, Birla took to quashing the speculations linking the breach to the suspension of the MPs. His letter read, “It is indeed unfortunate that some Members and political parties are linking the decision of the House to suspend some members from the service of the House to the incident which occurred on December 13, 2023.”

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He added in the letter that the speculations were unwarranted and were done according to the “sanctity of the House”. “This is unwarranted. There is no association between the suspension of the Members to the incident on December 13. The suspension is purely to uphold the sanctity of the house,” Birla’s letter read. 

In an effort to address the gravity of the security lapse, the Lok Sabha Speaker informed all MPs of a high-level Inquiry Committee being set up to conduct a thorough investigation. The committee has already commenced its work, and its findings will be presented to the House in due course.

Furthermore, Birla also announced the creation of another committee to review the security detail within the Complex. The committee is set to formulate a concrete action plan to prevent the recurrence of such incidents, ensuring safety of the legislature.

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Presently, six individuals have been arrested in connection with the breach, with the Delhi Police identifying Lalit Jha as the alleged mastermind. According to authorities, Jha’s intentions were to create anarchy in the country and make the government heed their demand.

Presently, the reports from both the committees are yet to be made.




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