Parliament security breach: ‘Mastermind’ Lalit Jha’s family believe in his innocence

| Updated: 16 December, 2023 6:55 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Father of Lalit Jha, the alleged mastermind behind the recent Parliament security breach, has vehemently denied his son’s involvement in the incident.

Speaking to the media, Lalit’s father, Devanand Jha, insisted that his child is innocent, describing him as a tutor who could never be involved in such actions.

“He is a tutor and he can never do something like this,” said Devanand. He intends to move the court to oppose the allegations.

Hailing from a village in the Bahera Thana area of Darbhanga district, Lalit’s ancestral residence was being investigated by the police as soon as his background was identified. Multiple police teams promptly reached Lalit’s home to investigate the matter.

Lalit’s parents, Devanand and Manjula Jha, stood firm in their conviction that their son is innocent, expressing complete confidence that he could not have been involved in the security breach.

During the police’s visit to Lalit’s residence, the police questioned the family for hours, while conducting a thorough search of the residence. However, the details have not been disclosed to the public.

Lalit had reportedly sent his parents to the district in Bihar by train on December 10, as he travelled to Delhi himself from Kolkata.

Devanand, however, illustrated that he was unaware of the security breach at the Parliament.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Manjula who described Lalit as a good son devoted to his studies. She firmly stated that Lalit could not be involved in any wrongdoing and mentioned that their knowledge of the incident came from others who showed it on their mobile phones.

Lalit’s family’s arrival in Darbhanga had prompted further police activity in the state, leading to a comprehensive investigation of his residence.

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