Mumbai Local Commuter Goes Viral for Unique ‘Jugaad’ in Mumbai Spirit

Mumbai Local Commuter Goes Viral for Unique ‘Jugaad’ in Mumbai Spirit

| Updated: 15 December, 2023 4:47 pm IST
Mumbai Local Commuter Goes Viral for Unique 'Jugaad' in Mumbai Spirit

NEW DELHI  In a viral video from Mumbai, a local train commuter enjoying the simple joys provided by the financial capital’s favourite mode of transport.

The footage, uploaded on Tuesday, shows a man standing on the footboard of a crowded train, fixing his mobile phone to the door panel to enjoy hands-free music during his commute.

The video, accompanied by the trending song ‘Moye Moye,’ was shared by user @_aamchi_mumbai_ on Instagram with the caption, “Only in Mumbai. Yeh technology Mumbai se bahar nahi jaani chahiye (This technology shouldn’t leave Mumbai).” The daring commuter was seen posing and waving at the cameras as soon as he realised that he was being paparazzi’d.

Till now, the clip has amassed over 110,000 likes and 5.5 million views, which quite frankly, has left the internet divided.

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One user humorously remarked, “Mumbai is not for beginners,” and another playfully added, “Science is not sciencing after this.” On the other hand, some questioned the point of the jugaad, stating, “What is he doing? Kaha atka Rakha hai mobile. Waha se nahi girega? (Where has he attached his mobile? Won’t it fall from there?)” On the other hand, another user expressed concerns regarding the safety situation with, “This is dangerous… it can result in a heavy volt shock due to signal clash.”

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The Mumbai local is no stranger to such hilarity, as was seen in a different video where a man was being urged to leave the way for others to let others disembark at the next station. The man, while being pleaded, had retorted, “Uncle kaun hai? (Who’s the uncle here?)” This video had srfaced in October.

These incidents remain at the focus of what makes Mumbai local trains the cultural epicentre of the Maharashtra centre.

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