Viral video of man riding bike with rabbit helmet takes Instagram by storm

| Updated: 15 December, 2023 11:30 am IST
Man Riding Bull with Rabbit-Themed Helmet Takes Delhi Streets by Storm

NEW DELHI: In a viral video, a man donned in a rabbit-eared helmet was seen riding a bull through the busy streets of Delhi.

The video was uploaded on the social media platform, Instagram, by a handle called ‘Bull Rider’ where the caption humourously read, “Petrol mehnga hua to ab mene usko uski bhi aukaat dikha dee (As petrol got expensive, I showed it its place),” about the rising petrol prices.

In the video, the user, adorned with the rabbit motif helmet, could be seen confidently riding a bull through the national capital’s busy streets, gliding across while firmly holding onto the leash.

The video has garnered over 193,000 likes and an impressive 3.8 million views.

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Capturing an exchange between a police officer and the Bull Rider, left the onlookers at the site in splits as the officer asked, “Khargosh Ho? (Are you a rabbit?).” Further, he went on to compliment his attire, stating, “Acha lag raha hai (Looks good),” while pointing at the camera.

The Instagram community swiftly responded, with some condemning the act as animal cruelty, while others expressed surprise at the Bull Rider going unchallenged by the police.

One user commented, “Bulls are not for you to sit. Stop abusing animals,” while another called him “jobless mindless”, while a third user called him a public nuisance.

The Instagram user boasts a following of over 50,000 followers, with all of his videos being of him riding an assortment of bulls through busy traffic in the national capital. Suffice to say, the reactions range from criticism to amazement.

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Another viral clip from his gallery includes a young child who sits beside him as he encounters a helmet-less police officer on a bike, who casually observes him as he whooshes past.

In a similar incident, another man recently made headlines for donning a Pikachu-themed helmet.



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