Lord Ram in India’s inspiration: Vedanta’s Chairman in Ayodhya

| Updated: 25 January, 2024 12:16 pm IST

NEW DELHI: It was worth watching that even the big who’s who of the country were in tears with an emotional heart bowing down to the supreme power in Ayodhya on the consecration ceremony of Ram temple on January 22. Similar was the case with the Founder and Chairman of Vedanta Company Amit Agarwal who proclaimed Lord Ram as the inspiration of the country.

The New Indian’s Executive Editor Rohan Dua, who was officially invited to the grand ceremony, spoke to the Indian billionaire businessman, professionally known as ‘metal king’, and shed his thoughts and opinions on Lord Ram, what He means to him, and the ceremony.

Agarwal shared, “In my life, from the beginning, Lord Ram has meant a lot. There is so much devotion of the country vested in Him and that devotion to Him is very important.”

On being asked about the road ahead for the country, he said, “The public has finally become aware of the strength we have. The inspiration for that strength and resilience is Lord Ram. We have to do a lot more. We are the country of entrepreneurs and opportunities.”

The ceremony, which was performed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saw a huge turnout of devotees coming from diverse backgrounds including actors, business tycoons, singers, saints and industrialists.

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In preparation for the ceremony rituals, PM Modi kept fast and observed the required holy practices as written in the Vedic texts from January 12 onwards till the consecration of the idols at the Ram temple in Ayodhya was done.

Dua also spoke to the iconic singer Hariharan, who while praising PM’s devotion and deviation to the supreme power, said, “He was asked to keep fast for one day by the saints but he did it for 11 days. You can see for yourself what kind of a Prime Minister he is, one who leads by example.”

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