Ram temple built; now India will progress for 1000 years: Airtel’s Sunil Mital in Ayodhya

| Updated: 23 January, 2024 7:56 pm IST

NEW DELHI: As the Ram temple in Ayodhya witnessed its consecration ceremony conducted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 22, prominent figures, including business magnate Sunil Bharti Mittal, attended the event in a simple and unassuming manner.

During an exclusive interview with The New Indian’s Executive Editor Rohan Dua, Mittal, who is the founder and chairman of Airtel, reflected on the significance of the consecration ceremony, Lord Ram, and the future of India. Expressing his optimism, Mittal echoed the sentiments of the PM, who emphasised that the ceremony symbolises a bright future for India.


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Mittal remarked, “As Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned today, the consecration ceremony of Ram temple is the symbol of India’s bright future. What he said was very clear that what we have achieved today after 500 years is historic. It is not a decade or 100 years but thousands of years. But most importantly, we need to take a pledge that from now on India will move to a new ‘yug’ or a new era which every Indian has fought hard for to build this nation.”

Highlighting the importance of the moment, Mittal conveyed that the path forward for India is bright. He stated, “Mandir ka to nirman ho gaya, ab Bharat ka hoga (the construction of the temple is done; now we will build Bharat).”

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Despite his stature as a leading industrialist, Mittal stressed the significance of devotion to Lord Ram. “We all have to bow down to Ram. And it doesn’t matter which religion you come from; Ram is the same for everyone regardless of anything,” he said.

In a notable move, Bharti Airtel has announced an expansion of its network coverage in significant tourist zones across Ayodhya. This initiative includes the airport, railway station, bus stand, prominent landmarks, and various hotels in the city.


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