J&K government dismisses employees accused of assisting militant groups

J&K administration takes decisive action against individuals accused of supporting Pakistan-based militant outfits, resulting in their termination from key positions

| Updated: 17 July, 2023 4:28 pm IST
Three J&K administration employees were dismissed over 'threat to security of state'  (Photo from representative purpose)

NEW DELHI: In a strong response to alleged involvement in activities supporting Pakistan-based militant outfits, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has taken decisive action against three individuals.

These individuals, identified as Faheem Aslam, Murawath Hussain Mir, and Arshid Ahmad Thoker, have been terminated from their positions in the wake of serious allegations.

The three accused individuals held significant positions in various departments. Faheem Aslam was employed as the public relations officer at Kashmir University, Murawath Hussain Mir served as a police constable and Arshid Ahmad Thoker worked as a revenue department officer.

They have been accused of actively working with militant groups, providing logistical support to them, propagating their extremist ideologies, and raising funds for their nefarious activities.

Considering the severity of the charges and their potential threat to the security of the state, the government invoked Article 311(2)(C), a constitutional provision that allows for the termination of employees without the need for explanations or further investigation into their conduct.

The charges against the individuals include collaboration with militant groups, aiding and abetting militants, dissemination of militant ideology, fundraising for militancy, and promoting a separatist agenda.

Of the three, Faheem Aslam, in particular, has been described by officials as a “diehard secessionist” who actively endorses and propagates the secessionist ideology while serving as a key propagandist for terrorists and terror outfits in the Kashmir Valley. Officials have identified several social media posts by Aslam that exhibit his deep animosity towards India, referring to the security forces as “Indian Occupational Forces”.

This recent action follows the government’s recent decision to terminate the services of two doctors who were allegedly involved in the Shopian rape-murder controversy, further demonstrating the government’s commitment to maintaining law and order and ensuring the security and well-being of the region’s residents.

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